10 Things to Do in Red Wine City – Ingelheim am Rhein

One of the top 23 day trip destinations from Frankfurt is the red wine city Ingelheim am Rhein. The place is less visited compared to many other German destinations. However it has also a long history and rich wine culture. It has no lack of interesting sights and things to do. The following activities you could do all year around.


1. The Kaiserpfalz tourist information center

First of all you have the opportunity to learn about the history of the imperial palace. Among other things you can experience a virtual reconstruction of the architecture. A PC presentation in the museum informs in detail with text, image and film material about the (construction) history of the Pfalzanlage. The Visitor Center is a good starting point for the “Historic Round Path Kaierpfalz Ingelheim”. There is the booklet accompanying the tour available. The visitor center also houses a tourist information office, where especially tourist relevant information of all kinds is available. 

Touristinformation Ingelheim
Neuer Markt 5
55218 Ingelheim am Rhein
Tel: (0049) 6132 782 – 216 or- 225

2. The Ingelheim Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace was built in the second half of 8th Century. Until the 11th century it served as a place for governance and as a residence for many Emperors and Kings, including Charlemagne.

François-Lachenal-Platz 5
55218 Ingelheim
Phone(0049) 6132 714701

3. The “Museum bei der Kaiserpfalz”

The museum invites you attractive programs to exhibitions, events, celebrations, lectures, guided tours and workshops with historical themes throughout the year. The museum is near the imperial palace. The address is: François-Lachenal-Platz 5.

Glimpse from Old Wall Of Ingelheim

4. Join a guided tour

The Tourist Information centre offers various guided city tours and guided hikes. As a result of joining a guided tour you get to know the historical city better.

View in Ingelheim


5. Hiking

If you rather to explore the are by yourself, then there are 14 Hiking routes in the area for you to choose.  Walk through vineyards and orchards you gain views of what’s going on in and around Ingelheim. The description on hiking routes website is in German, but when you click on button “mehr erfahren”, you will see a map on the right side of the page. Click on the map to zoom it to see the details about the hiking trail.

Hiking and Cycling Trails in Ingelheim

6. Cycling

In addition to hiking, the hilly surroundings is surprisingly cycle-friendly. There are many cycling trails in the area.  The description of the cycling trails website is in German, but when you click on button “mehr erfahren”, you will see a map on the right side of the page. Click on the map to zoom it, you can view details about the cycling route.

7. Wine tasting

One of local wineries is Weingut Wasem.  It was established since 1726. Over the generations this family owned winery focus on improvement of wine quality. All the grapes are grown in traditional vineyards situated in the area.  You can also have a wine tasting in the shop.  There are hotels in the area for people to stay overnight after wine tasting.  Check some good offers at Booking.com.

Burgkirche and St. Michael in Ingelheim

8. Participate in Festivals.

Ingelheim is a party venue. There are many festivals all year round in the Red Wine City. They range from spring wine festival on Winzerkeller, to the harbour festival on the Rhine or the red wine festival at the Burgkirche. Each festival has its own character through the different scenes.

The website of festivals is also in German.  However you can use “Veranstaltungsfilter” to search the festivals for the next week, next month, or any month of the year. Alternatively you can ask related informaiton at tourist centre.

9. Tiger-Garten Waldeck

Seven Bengal tigers (king tigers) have their home in Tiger Garten Waldeck. The origin of these tigers sub-species is India. According to WWF only 400 animals worldwide still exist and over one percent of these beautiful and rare animals live in Ingelheim. Hence it is noteworthy to visit.

10. Dine in a local restaurant

You probably need a coffee break or a dinner at the end of a day trip? There are a handful selections of local restaurants and coffee venues. One of the best choices is the Henry’s.  It offers tasty coffees and interesting dishes. You can almost spend a whole day there.



  1. Hi there. Love your article about my hometown. Ingelheim is a beautiful city with a lot to see…
    Wie bist du darauf aufmerksam geworden? Greetings from germany! Diana

    1. Danke dass sie die Post gelesen haben. Im Moment wohne ich in Deutschland. Ich mache immer einen Ausflug am Wochenende innerhalb Deutschland. Ich habe ein paar Mals dort gewissen. Das Ort hat mir gefallen. Deswegen habe ich die Post geschrieben.

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