6 Hours in Bratislava

Due to a business trip to Bratislava I had a chance to stay there a couple of days. I extended my stay for one more day to explore the capital of Slovakia. My hotel is not far from the old town center so it was easy for me to walk there. Although the hotel provided me a map of the old town, I got lost soon after I entered the old town.

St. Michael’s Tower gate

I stopped a middle-aged local man and asked for the direction.  He did not speak a single English word.  After examining my map, he managed to help me to locate myself.   According to the map, most of historical sights are located in the old town.

The first sight attracted me was the St. Michael’s Tower gate. It is actually one of the main entrances to the old town.  People can climb up the tower and a nice view of the old town.

St. Michael Tower Gate

Main square

Many tourist groups were in front of Main Square, the center of the old town. I could see the famous clock tower from nearly all parts of the inner city.


Clock Tower in Main Square in Bratislava
Clock Tower in Main Square in Bratislava

Old Market Hall

One of the things I would like to do on each trip is to visit a local farm market.  The hotel staff told me that the Old Market Hall was famous for local farmer’s products.  However, when I wanted to enter the Hall, several armed guards near the entrance blocked me. Due to a private event being held on that day only invited persons were allowed to get in.

Local restaurants

It was lunch already.  There were so many restaurants which offer international and local cuisines. I had difficulty to decide where and what to eat.  The menus posted outside of each eatery were very attractive.  Many restaurants do not require dress-up, but however I felt weird to eat alone while at the same time others in the room were eating in groups. When I passed a Scottish pub I did see several lonely guests. I could join them but somehow I was not in the mood to eat the burgers there.  Finally, I went to a Japanese fast food place not far from the old town and took its lunch menu which was perfect for the moment.

A Cozy Restaurant in Bratislava Old Town Center

Other sites close to the old town centre

On the way from my hotel to the old town centre I passed Slovak national theatre. Not far from it is the Grassalkovich Palace.  You can see more pictures from my Instagram account.


I had to catch my flight back to Germany in the early afternoon. It was pity that I could not stay longer for the evening activities. Next time I would like to stay for a long weekend.  There are so many things to do and to see there, walking along the Danube, participating the night life and attending many concerts etc.

There are many tours offered at very reasonable prices. Join these tours to gain deeper experience of this vibrant city.

How to get to Bratislava

By Bus

Bus No. 61 links Airport Bratislava with the city centre in the direction from the Main Railway Station (Hlavná železničná stanica) and bus No. 96 in the direction from Petržalka, Prokofievova

From Vienna Airport you can take Flexibus to Bratislava.

By Taxi

From Vienna Airport you can take Taxi to Bratislava. This was what I did.  It costs around 60 Euro one way. It costs less if more people share one minivan.

By train

There is also direct train connection between Vienna Airport and Bratislava.  Check this website for the schedule.


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