A Scenic Hike Down to Dunedin’s Tunnel Beach – Day 16

We followed SH1 south Dunedin to Concord and took the exit towards Concord/Burnside from SH1. Then we drove on Emerson St. and Blackhead Road. At the crossing we turned on to Green Island Bush Road and stop at the carpark at the top of the hill. From the car park we walked down to the beach.

The path down to the beach is quite steep. We had breathtaking views of rugged sandstone cliffs and rock arches of the pacific coast along the hiking route.  After 45 minutes of walking including time to take pictures we stood on the rocks above the beach. From above the rocks we had spectacular views of the powerful Pacific Ocean. Kids were playing around on the slippery rocks and most of them are locals. Several tourists were busy making Selfies with Pacific Ocean as picture backgrounds. Other solo travelers were asking strangers to take pictures for them. This is a perfect picnic place to spend quality time with your families and the loved one.


Sandstone Cliffs
Tunnel Beach

The tunnel that leads us down around 70 steps to the beach. It was made to get easy access to the beach. It was high tide.  We could only spot a small area of sandy beach covered with round stones. To hike back up the hill is a more challenging. It took us another 45 minutes to be back to the parking place.  The Tunnel Beach is one of the best kept secret sights in Dunedin. It is secluded.

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