Budva, Things to Do in Montenegro’s oldest coastal town

Budva is Montenegro’s oldest coastal town. The coastal area called the Budva Riviera, is the primary tourist destination in Montenegro. On the other day of our Montenegro road trip, we have seen beaches around the Budva. It is actually a well-known beach resort town in Montenegro.

The history of Budva

Budva is 2,500 years old, which makes it one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic coast. The Greek founded the early settlement. But soon the Roman Empire ruled the place. Later, Byzantine Empire mastered the Area.

During the last several centuries, the ruling powers changed constantly, from Habsburg Monarchy, Russia, to French until 1813. History continued, and after the First World War, the Serbian army entered Budva. It came under the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Only when Montenegro became independent in 2006, did Budva start to boom its tourism.

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Walk in the old town of Budva

On the 7th day of our Montenegro road trip, we headed to the old town. With its long history, Budva is certainly known for its old medieval walled town has narrow alleys and Venetian-era stone buildings. The Budva city museum features permanent archaeological and ethnographic exhibits. If you don’t want to stay on the beach, you can visit the museum as an alternative.

The old town is small but pretty. Some alleys are very narrow. It didn’t take long for us to walk around the old town. Many restaurants are inside the walls. They can serve every wish you would have.

Spend some time at the beach

In fact, Budva is more famous as a beach resort. The beaches in the area are just beautiful. They are flat with fine sands and pebbles. Most beaches are outside the town. They are not big, but that will give a few private feelings. If you ever visit Montenegro, you should at least spend a day at the beach. I could imagine in the summer how lively it would be.

In winter, however, the whole area is deserted, only a few local kids were playing around while their parents were walking with their dogs. Without swimming, it is still nice to be at the beaches and stroll around like we did the other day.

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Budva Old Town Beach

Watch the sunset at the old town’s beach

The sunset over Budva is something you should whiteness. In the late afternoon before our dinner, we realized that it was the perfect time to watch the sunset. At the end of a very narrow alley, we went through an arched doorway to the old town beach.

The sunlight flooded over the sandy and pebbles beach. Even in winter tables and lounge-sofas were lined up on the beach. They were all served by nearby cafes and restaurants. The climate was mild in the winter. We relaxed in one Cafe and watched the sun going down to the sea slowly. The golden sunset scene on the beach was awesome. It is the thing you shouldn’t miss out. To find the sunset time, please check here.

Take half-day hiking near Budva

There are some hiking trails in the surrounding area. We walked the coastal path to Sveti Stefan on the 3rd day of our Montenegro road trip. There is a website which has information about the trails in the area. You can find the detail of those trails online.

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Events in Budva

Budva hosts several unique events, for example, the Carnival event. If you plan the trip during the event periods, then you should book hotels well-ahead. The area could be over-crowded, especially in the summer season.

Where to stay

Being the most famous beach resort town there is no lack of accommodation in the area. You can find hotels at all level on the following platform:

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