Epic Day Trips from Pisa to Tuscany Region

Pisa is one of the top destinations in Italy and has a very big international Airport. But, what else can you see near Pisa without spending much time on the road?

Pisa is within the Tuscany region. Tuscany is always very popular for summer destinations. By all means, it is one of the most beautiful areas in Italy because of many hilltop towns such as San Gimignano, cypress-lined trees, wineries, and arts. There is not only enough sunshine throughout a year, but also beautiful sandy beaches along the Italian coast. Therefore, there are many things to do in the region. In fact, some places are even less known.

The following day trips from Pisa to Tuscany region can be your reference. I managed to see nine places during my 9-day summer trip to Tuscany. There are all within 90 minutes of traveling time from Pisa. And, some have trains and buses connections. Therefore, I will share those day trips from Pisa with you and you can use for your planning to the region.

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Day trips from Pisa

Here is the list of my suggested day trips from Pisa. Each of these destinations has its unique features.

  • Lucca features music festival and Comics & Games event.
  • Pietrasanta is a place for contemporary arts.
  • Carrara has a rich marble history, marble culture, and many marble products.
  • Monteriggioni has well-protected medieval walls and is famous for its medieval festivals.
  • Siena is the heart of Tuscany with unique medieval brick buildings.
  • Castellina in Chianti has local products such as wines and offers wine tasting tours,
  • Volterra is the city of alabaster dated back to its Etruscan era.
  • Serravalle Pistoiese is an underrated pretty town between Lucca and Florence
  • San Gimignano is a medieval walled town with 14 monumental towers.
  • Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance with many art galleries and museums.


Lucca is one of the charming cities in Tuscany. Located on a plain at the foot of the Apuan Alp, the city is very easy to reach either by cars or by trains from Pisa and Florence. It doesn’t attract so many tourists like the other cities, for example, Florence does. But, it has many interesting facts that the other cities do not have. The music festival, churches, the street on the city wall, local food events etc. are the major attractions. It is also the birthplace of the famous Italian opera composer Giacomo Puccini.

  • Music festival
  • Streets and squares
  • The Clock Tower and the Guinigi Tower
  • Cycling on the medieval walls
  • Casa di Puccini, the birthplace of Puccini
  • Numerous Churches such as Church “San Cristoforo”
  • The Comics & Games event

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Pietrasanta lies a few kilometres away from Forte dei Marmi, the Ligurian beach area. It was founded in 1255 by Guiscardo da Pietrasanta, the leader of Lucca, and was the ancient capital of the Medici headquarters in Versilia. In fact, Pietrasanta is a destination for art enthusiasts, both classic and contemporary.

  • The Cathedral of San Martino
  • The Bell Tower with a helical staircase inside
  • Sant’Agostino with marble features
  • Baptistery of Pietrasanta
  • Palazzo Moroni
  • Streets of art galleries and boutiques
  • Bozzetti Museum, an interesting museum dedicated to marble sculpture
  • Church of St. Abate or Mercy
  • Chiesa di Sant’Antonio Abate, a church frequent by the locals
  • Sketches Museum Pierluigi Gherardi

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Carrara is a city famous for its world finest white or blue-grey marble. The pristine stone has been extracted from the quarries since Roman times. Carrara is entirely built of marble, houses, palaces, churches, street types of furniture, portals, windows, and staircases. The most interesting thing to do is to drive the marble route and experience the scenes in “007 Quantum of Solace”. By joining the Carrara Marble Tour you will have a great view of the Apuan Alps and discover the history of the production and manufacturing of the white flawless marble.

  • Strolled the streets of Carrara was just how colorful the town
  • run into something made of marble, benches, statues, sculptures, pavement, fountains – and of course the main cathedral.
  • I Salotti (Palazzo del Medico) ‘Tailoring meets Tea & Art”, Piazza Alberica 5, Carrara.
  • Driving along the marble route
  • Marble Duomo Cathedral, 12th century, Piazza Duomo, 54033 Carrara, Italy
  • Palazzo Cybo-Malaspina, Via Roma, 1, Carrara, Italy (panoramic views of the city and landscape can be seen here)
  • Museo del Marmolocalita S.Francesco | via canal del Rio, 54033 Carrara, Italy
  • People watching in Piazza Alberica
  • Tasting the local specialty Lard
  • Visiting Colonnata, a town for marble diggers

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Nestled in the province of Siena, Monteriggioni represents one of the most important walled castles in the territory. It has an incredibly well-preserved structure. Its circular layout of the walls was built simply following the sketch of the ground’s curves. It’s the typical fortified village that started its life as a castle since the beginning of 1200.

  • Church of Santa Maria Assunta
  • Monteriggioni in Arme
  • Walk along the intact walls
  • Monteriggioni Medieval festival

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Siena is located in the heart of Tuscany. Its unique medieval brick buildings make the city distinguished among other Tuscany cities. The Gothic town hall, the shell-shaped central square Piazza del Campo, Torre del Mangia, and many other buildings are very impressive. Enclosed by the city walls and gates, these buildings form a medieval old town centre.,

  • Capella della Madonna del Rosario
  • Palazzo del Capitano
  • Siena Duomo Complex
  • Siena Baptistery of San Giovanni
  • Museo dell’Opera
  • Piazza del Campo
  • Fonte Gaia, the engineering miracle of Siena
  • Torre del Mangia
  • Walk the city walls and stroll around the back street behind the squares
  • Palio, the Horse Race in Siena

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Castellina in Chianti

Castellina in Chianti is one of the most important ancient towns between Florence and Siena. It is in the heart of Chianti vineyards.  Between the valleys of the Arbia, Pesa and Elsa rivers,  this small town is considered the capital of Chianti.

  • Via delle Volte
  • Church of San Salvatore
  • Taste a glass of wine at enoteca (wine bar)
  • The fortress of Castellina in Chianti
  • Museo Archeologico di Chianti Senese

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Volterra is a charming medieval hilltop town situated in the province of Pisa. It is also not far from Florence, Siena and the coast as well. Being the city of alabaster, it houses an Alabaster Museum, the eco-museum of Albaster, which is a charming place displaying over 300 works of art in alabaster stone. Apart from that, It is well known for its Etruscan origins as well.

  • Visit Piazza dei Priori
  • Chiesa di San Lino, its rich paintings on the ceiling
  • Visit the Duomo (Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta) and Baptistery
  • The Guarnacci Etruscan Museum
  • The Etruscan Walls and Gates
  • Roam around the Etruscan Acropolis
  • Medicean Fortress and Porta a Selci
  • Admire the Roman Amphitheater and its Archaeological Area
  • The Pinacoteca – Art Gallery
  • Discovering Alabaster stone and its Ecomuseum
  • Participate in the main food events in Volterra, the showcases of local produce such as cheese, white truffles, olive oil, and chocolate.

Serravalle Pistoiese

Serravalle Pistoiese is located next to the major road which links Lucca and Florence. Therefore, its is a nice day trip destination from both cities as well as from  Pisa. You can also combine the visit with Lucca. It is a small comune and many of you might have never heard of it. However, it has many interesting monuments, some churches, towers, and the medieval castle Rocca Nuova. Actually, it is a very good location to explore the surrounding.

  • Pieve di Santo Stefano
  • San Michele Arcangelo’s church
  • The Rocca Nuova fortress
  • an Informative tourist office

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San Gimignano

San Gimignano is a charming walled hilltop town. It is about halfway between Florence and Siena. San Gimignano is famous for its fascinating medieval architecture and towers that rise above all the other buildings. These towers offer an impressive view of the city from the surrounding valley.

  • Movie sets in San Gimignano
  • Two main squares, Piazza Duomo, the triangular Piazza della Cisterna
  • The Museum of Sacred Art
  • The Museo della Tortura di San Gimignano, a torture museum displaying grim medieval instruments of torture
  • Museo del Vino Vernaccia di San Gimignano, a museum with exhibits on the town’s signature white wine
  • Ornithological Museum, an ornithological collection of great historical and naturalistic interest which dates back to the second half of 19C AD
  • 14 Tower, the monuments of San Gimignano
  • Local products, from typical local food, from cheese, hams, desert, spices to kitchen tools made from olive trees or clay pots


Florence is the capital city of the Tuscany. It was a centre of medieval European trade and finance, and one of the wealthiest cities of that era. Being the birthplace of the Renaissance and the most populous city in Tuscany, Florence has certainly a lot to see and to do. Flea and street markets, numerous art galleries and museums, historical walking areas, shopping places, food, and drinks are all sites and attractions.

  • Uffizi Galleries
  • Piazzale Michelangelo
  • Duomo – Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore
  • Piazza del Duomo
  • Museum Accademia Gallery
  • Museums Basilica di Santa Croce
  • Palazzo Vecchio
  • Cupola del Brunelleschi
  • Campanile di Giotto
  • Ponte Vecchi
  • Battistero di San Giovanni
  • Museo Nazionale del Bargell

Where to stay in Pisa

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  1. I was in Pisa for 1 day and Florence for 1 day when I visited Rome. The region, actually infact, whole of Italy is so so gorgeous. I need to head to Italy again.
    Monteriggioni and Siena would be my top picks for the medieval history associated with it. I wouldn’t miss Chianti, being a wine lover!
    Volterra’s alabaster frescoes sound very interesting. I need to check that out too!

  2. I love the history and culture that oozes all over Italy. In every city, there is an endless amount of amazement to witness. On my next trip to the Tuscany region, you’ve inspired me to visit Siena and Castellina. I love wine and would love to spend a month touring the vineyards in the Castellina. I’d also love to learn more about medieval architecture and art in Siena, another romantic getaway!

  3. This is such a thorough and well rounded list!I love visiting walled cities, so Monteriggioni and San Gimignano stood out to me the most, but I would love to visit all of these cities and sample all the local foods in these cities. But my first step is to get myself to Pisa!

  4. I’ve always wanted to visit Pisa! I personally love driving so that wouldn’t bother me too much. I would love to do just about everything on your list but the foodie events in Volterra are especially enticing!

  5. You’ve listed some lovely day trips from Pisa. I’ve not explored nearly enough of Tuscany, and after reading this, I’ve got a list of a few new places to explore. Volterra and San Gimignano sound particularly charming.

  6. Such a great part of Italy. I’d love to go back and see a bit more of the area. I thought Sienna was fantastic, so much history is such a beautiful old town.

  7. Boohoo! I did Pisa as a day trip. Wish it were other way around coz I can see how much I missed out on. Loved the sound of Pietrasanta – so much of heritage to see there. I even liked the description of Carrara, I bet all these places would not have been as crowded as Pisa.

  8. Wow! I had no idea there is so much to do and see in Pisa. I love to check out their local wine. A wine tasting tour sounds wonderful. Also, it would be nice too to experience one of their music festivals. Do you have any idea the dates/ month that they have this?

  9. I’m hoping to get to Italy soon and this gave me so many good ideas. Italy is the one place where I feel completely overwhelmed in terms of planning because there is SO MUCH and where do you start? I like that this guide is comprehensive and easy to follow and it’s so well organized!

  10. Pisa reminds me of the Leaning Tower of Pisa! But now I find that there are much more to Pisa than it. This is such a detailed guide about the places around the Tuscany region. I would love to explore Monteriggioni, Chianti and Siena. Infact, I would love to explore them all!

  11. Mama Mia , what a great post ! Loved every bit of it . It is so detailed . When it comes to Pisa , all I can think of is leaning tower of Pisa . But the place has so much more to see . A must visit place . I am planning a visit to Italy soon . This is definitely on my mind now .

  12. Italy is so beautiful. Tuscany has been on my list for so long. Heard so much about the music festivals at Lucca. Would love to take a day tour to Lucca for the music festival and Comics event.

  13. What a great post! I love day trips and it’s one of my favorite things to do while traveling, just because you get to experience and see so much more! Lucca is WONDERFUL! So gorgeous and I would love to go back. The first time I visited Italy, I went to a little town called Castelnuovo di Garfagnana and it was so quaint. I spent quite some time there and got to know the locals quite well, so I’m very fond of the area. It was very close to Lucca too! I’m definitely saving this post!

  14. I have been to all of these except Pietrasanta and Carrara! I lived in Florence 13 years ago for one year, and then spent a month in Lucca a few years ago-and liked to get on the train or rent a car and just go wherever I could within an hour or 2. I love discovering so much more in a region than most people ever take the time to see. Good list!

  15. We live half the year on the north-eastern side of Italy, but have traveled to Tuscany a few times. Saying that, we’ve not yet visited Pisa (can you believe it) so it’s still somewhere I’d like to visit. I love Siena, it’s probably my favorite duomo in Italy!

  16. I’ve always wanted to visit Italy, especially in the Tuscany region. As for the tours you described, Lucca seems to be the most fitting (for me anyway) with the music festivals and cycling. Volterra and Florence are close seconds! Hopefully, I’ll be able to put your guide to good use in the future (definitely saving it).

  17. I have been to Pisa and Florence twice and have not visited any of these cities yet! I planned to both times but didn’t make it. I did take a day trip along Cinque Terre. There is so much to see and do in Tuscany and never enough time!

  18. I’ve been to Pisa and it was really crowded! The only other day trip I’ve been to is Florence. I wish I’d gone more off the beaten path and checked out some of your suggestions. Carrara sounds like it would be a beautiful place for photos with all the marble!

  19. I would love to visit Florence and Luca. They seem like such amazing destinations. I think I would need to visit longer than a day though

  20. My husband and I were actually just in Tuscany not too long ago. We saw Florence and a couple of other small towns. We definitely want to go back someday. It’s just too charming!!

  21. Tuscany is one of my favourite regions in Italy. I have been to a couple of these places but clearly need to head back for more. I would definitely love to visit Siena.

  22. I’ve always loved the appeal of Italy. I have always wanted to see Pisa. It’s a wonderful piece of architecture, and I’ve always been interested in the lean!

  23. This is wonderful! I have visited Rome twice, and Venice but never ventured out to these areas. Chianti must be wonderful, specially because I am a huge pan of the wine.

    1. Hi Jen,

      You should not miss the wine tasting tour. It was pity for us to miss out this activity. But we tried several during our dinners. We would like to go back and stay in the area for a couple days.

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