Falkensteiner Club Funimation Katschberg, an Absolute Family-Friendly Hotel in Austria

Falkensteiner Club Funimation Katschberg is a family-friendly hotel in Austria. The mountain scenes in the surrounding area, outdoor activities, and indoor family-oriented activities make it the perfect holiday hotel for kids.

The hotel is in Katschberghöhe, which is a famous skiing resort in winter and a nature holiday place in the summer. Katschberghöhe is also a very family-friendly resort in Austria. You can check the latest offer..

Our family stayed for one week in this hotel during our skiing trip. We enjoyed not only its sports activities but also gourmet food, free Spa, and various entertainment programs.

Hotel Falkensteiner Club Funimation Katschberg, Austria; family-friendly hotel


So, what were the things we experienced between the check-in and the check-out?

  • Our cozy family-room with mountain view
  • An on-site Ski rental company
  • The ski depot which is practical for the skiers
  • Hearty breakfast to start the day
  • Quick lunch for a short break
  • Themed dinner buffet
  • Free sauna and Spa from 7:00
  • Attractive evening activities
  • The outdoor activities for the entire family

Our cosy family-room with mountain view

We booked a family room with one kid’s bed. The room has two sections, one section is the sleeping room for the parent, and the other is the living room equipped with a flat-screen TV. The sofa in the living room is the bed for our kid. Our room has a terrace as well. But in the winter, the terrace was covered by snow.

In the parent sleeping room, one wall functions as a wardrobe. We can store all the clothe and suitcases there. The safe box is also available and is free to use.

The bathroom and the toilet are separated. So, if one of us was taking a long time in the loo, the others could still do makeup or take a shower in the bathroom. There is a mini-fridge in the living room. A wellness bag with extra swimming towels is also available for our Spa time.

The room is very cozy because its interior uses a lot of wood. The hotel also has family suites. To find the best offer please check here.

Family Room in Falkensteiner Club Funimation Katschberg; Austria skiing

An on-site Ski rental company and ski school

After checked-in, the first thing to do was to rent the ski-set for our kid. The rental place is on the fourth floor.

We entered our kid’s personnel data, such as height, weight, age, and rental days into the computer. The PC would then print out our request. The staff took the information and collected everything (ski shoe, skier, ski stocks, helmet) based on the provided data. Then, they also adjusted the ski according to the size of the ski shoes. We got our ski set within 15 minutes. The ski-depot is also on the same floor, which is very convenient for the families.

If you are looking for a skiing school, it is also possible to book there. All coaches have their photos on the wall.

The ski depot which is practical for the skiers

The ski depot is just next door. Each room has a depot place. We just needed the room card to open it. The cabin is big enough to store up to 4 sets of skiers. Since ski slopes are just next to the hotel, we could walk into the ski-depot directly from outside. A very practical approach for the families!

There is an exit just next to the ski depot. The ski depot leads directly to the ski slope and the lift to the mountain top. In the summer, the exit leads to the hiking route as well. So, the location is very convenient.

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Hiking route in in Katschberg, Austria

Hearty breakfast to start the day

The next day, with a cup of quality coffee and a glass of bio-tea, we started our first skiing day. The breakfast buffet includes several types of fruit juices. Various types of milk were also available, such as oat milk and hazelnut drink.

The traditional breakfast fare included many international elements. Cold-cuts and cheese are local products. The local style of bread, fluffy American pancakes, flaky croissants, cakes, Danish pastries, toasts, the carbohydrate-dense offerings are the beloved elements for guests from many countries.

Sizzling bacon, scrambled eggs, and baked beans are sure to satisfy every British guest. Are you still missing something? Then try the made-to-order omelet to gain the protein of the day.

There is no lack of fresh fruits. Kiwis, melons, apples, bananas, plums, oranges etc. offer plenty of vitamins for the day. I could create my yogurt (or thick Greek yogurt) using fresh fruits, dried fruits, cereal, or milk. Guests can always balance out a heavy breakfast or a lighter alternative to it.

Quick lunch for a short break

Lunch is simple but also includes starters, main course, soup, and dessert. Soft drinks such as Ice-tea and apple juice, beer, eight types of organic teas are available for all meals. For the family members who stay in the hotel for the Spa or care for small kids, this is very convenient to have a quick lunch. Also, some families come back to make a skiing break and eat their lunches in the hotel.

Spanish Theme Dinner in Falkensteiner Club Funimation Katschberg, Austria

Themed dinner buffet

Every evening the hotel offers a different themed dinner. In the Spanish themed evening, the starter included such as the Serrano cured ham. The main courses from the buffet were, for example, Paella, spareribs with salsa sauce. The dessert was Crema Catalana. Other themes were such as Italian food or Asian food evening.

Following food and drinks were available for the dinner:

  • Fresh salad and marinated local salads
  • Cakes, such as raspberry-cake and New York cheesecake
  • One red wine and one white wine
  • Beers and soft drinks
  • Three different types of ice-cream every day
  • Eight types of organic teas
  • Two types of soups per day
  • Freshly made Pizzas
  • The grilled fish station, which offers various sorts of fish every day

All main courses had different side dishes and sauces. And, we could always taste some Austrian specialties, such as Salmon trout from the local river, sweet dumplings, Kaiserschmarrn (as a dessert or a main course), Sülze (a type of cold-cuts).

In the centre, there is a place dedicated to kid food. The tables are lower than usual so that they are reachable by the kids. The kid’s menu changes every day as well. And kids were also free to choose anything from the entire buffet. In general, all guests can eat what they like.

Guests can come anytime during the dinner opening time and eat at their speed. The dinner buffets give guests access to an ample spread of delicious dishes. With so many options from which to choose, we could always find what we felt like eating and take the proper portions for different appetites. Especially for the kids, they could take the amounts that are right for them. The family-friendly hotel in Austria has also prepared many child chairs for the eating times.

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Kid pool in the SPA of Falkensteiner Katschberg

Falky Land, Falky Water World, Family World, and Childcare

The children’s paradise offers a wide range of activities and leisure facilities for the family holiday. These facilities open in the early morning already and close in the late evening.

The Falky Land is a children’s world with an area of 1,000 square meters. It includes a play area, craft area, jungle-gym, children’s cinema, terrace, baby area. Children can easily find other peers to play with within a cheerful atmosphere. Most activities are free of charge.

Falky Water World includes a children’s pool, paddling pool, and a giant slide. Children of different ages can swim in heated pools. Free flip flops are available at the Spa reception and in all sizes. Besides, the Family World offers table tennis, billiard, tabletop football, and other digital games.

Hotel’s Childcare offers daily programs as well, such as climbing, dart playing, and BBQ party. The hotel provides baby equipment, such as bottle warmers, a nappy changing pad, baby bathtub. But the guests need to register before arrival.

While children have their fun in the kid club, parents can join other activities, such as a SPA treatment, sauna, skiing, and hiking. On rainy days, you would still have fun things to do for the entire family.

Are you planning a family holiday near Salzburg? Then you should book this hotel well ahead.

Game centre

Free sauna and Spa wellness from 7:00

Another reason we booked this hotel is the wellness world. The wellness area has three sections.

The first section is an outdoor pool with a mountain view. The second section is the sauna area, which includes a herbal sauna, an “Aufguss” sauna, and a pool with a massage function and a mountain view.

There are several relaxing areas, one room with panorama view, and the other will hanging chair, quiet corners, and water beds. “Aufguss” is available every day at 16:30 and 17:30. Children can enter the sauna area on two weekdays. So, families can also have the opportunities to have a sauna together.

The third section offers professional wellness treatments for adults as well as for children.

The bathrobes are available in the room. Guests can find the sauna towels at the reception of the Spa area. In the wellness area, organic teas and lemon water are always available and are free of charge.

Around the reception area, there are many well-designed relaxing areas. The whole spa area is very spacious. Many families also relaxed there when they were not in the pools or sauna.

Are you a SPA fan? Then you should check this family-friendly hotel in Austria for your next holiday.

Outdoor Swimming Pool in Falkensteiner Club Funimation; Austria skiing

Indoor swimming pool in Falkensteiner Katschberg

Attractive evening activities

Every morning, in front of the eating room, we could get a flyer which displayed the daily programs. The flyer included everything guests need to know for the next day, from activities to the themed dinner information.

Every evening the hotel offered different programs to entertain the families. Around 19:00, the activities were available to children, such as kid-disco and movie evening. Around 21:00, dance shows or music shows for the parents started. Most activities take place in the bar and the theatre.

The outdoor activities for the entire family

In winter, skiing is the main activity. In Austria, there are many skiing resorts, such as Saalbach-Hinterglemm, which is also suitable for a family skiing trip. Katschberghöhe area is also a good place for beginners. For those who don’t ski, the hotel offers guided hiking tours. Families can also take Toboggan for fun. In summer, when the snow melted, many hiking routes and cycling routes dominate the area.

Katschberg Adventure Park and outdoor adventure playground are the hot places for families with kids.  Katschi’s Goldfahrt is a journey into the world of gold.

One day, I went hiking. The hiking started with the hotel’s fourth floor, which leads directly to the slope. I walked towards the Aineck lift and continued walking. Then I passed a bridge covered by snow. Shortly after that, I arrived at Katschberg center. Continue following the street you would be Pritzhütte. The route is part of the hiking route in the summertime. The local tourist website has detail information about the region.

Cable Car station in Katschberg Skiing area, Austria

The benefits of this family-friendly hotel in Austria

Having stayed in this hotel for a week, we could summarize the following benefits of this family-friendly hotel in Austria:

  • The modern restaurant with many rooms in different colour settings creates a family-friendly eating atmosphere.
  • Newly designed Falky-Land and a new Falky Children’s Water World are top things to entertain the kids and families.
  • SPA wellness is a very comfortable zone and welcomes families with kids.
  • Animation activities and evening entertainment are value-added services for the family.
  • The hotel has very convenient access to the ski slope and hiking route.
  • Ski rental and ski school at the hotel offer families great convenience.
  • Families with small babies are also welcome.
  • The food concept is very suitable for families with kids.
  • The variety and the quality of the food attract guests of all ages.

Now, do you agree that this is a family-friendly hotel in Austria? If you plan to stay in this hotel, please click here to find the offer.

Bar in in Falkensteiner Club Funimation Hotel

How to reach this family-friendly hotel in Austria

By Car

The main highway is A10. When you reach Sankt Michael im Lungau, change to No. 99 towards Katschberg. It is only a few kilometres of driving to the hotel.

By air

The nearest airport is in Salzburg. You can rent a car at the airport and drive to the hotel. It is about 120 kilometres and takes around 90 minutes.

Or, you can ask the hotel to arrange a taxi for you.



    1. Hi Attaliah,

      Yes, it is also good for a couple since there are things which suitable for adaults such as the SPA Sauna area, which kids are not allowed to enter. And, you can go hiking on your own and do other outdoor activities as well. In the evening, in the bar, it is also cozy for the adults.

  1. Love such a detailed post! 🙂 I am heading to Austria soon, would love to check it out. Do you think this is solo traveler friendly? Or perhaps just best for families, couples, friends traveling together?

    1. Hi Daniela,

      As a solo traveler, if you want to team up someone there, meet new friends, it would be difficult, because most are families. But you can join the rest things alone, since many programs, such as music evenings, are open to everyone. They also organize some free walking tours, which I joined, while my family was skiing.

      And, the SPA area is super for everyone. Being a family friendly hotel, it offers extra programs for kids.



  2. Looks like an awesome hotel for families! Definitely will keep this is mind for when I’m in the area. The brekkie sounds great!

  3. I love Katschberg for skiing! It definitely is a family-friendly destination and this hotel seems like a nice play to stay with kids. And the sauna, duh – there’s no skiing without sauna 😉

  4. We love spots like the Falkensteiner Club Funimation that have fun things to do in both the summer and winter. Great that the resort provides great options for family fun. I would be heading for the spa for sure. So very cool that you had your own room to store your ski equipment. It certainly looked like the food would keep you well fuelled for skiing. And fun to have themed dinner nights. This looks like a perfect spot in Austria to visit.

  5. Sounds like there is something for everyone at the resort. No doubt the comfort of the place and the ideal location for winter sports, I like the fact that there is plenty that the stay has to offer to enhance the holiday. The kids will definitely have a blast in the family center as will the adults with the spa facilities. Curious though – when you say free spa – are you referring to the Sauna section only? I suppose the treatments would cost extra -right?

    1. Hi Ami,

      Free Spa includes two saunas, daily sauna infusions, several indoor and outdoor swimming pools, steamed bad, different relaxing areas. Of course, the personal treatments are not free of charge.

      Best regards,


  6. What a cool location for the hotel with skiing options nearby. This seems like a great option to me to stay while holidaying with my teenage kids. Themed dinner buffet is a great reason to be back in hotel for dinner. We usually loiter around the streets having street food. Thanks for sharing this good stay option.

  7. LOVE the looks of this hotel!! We were LITERALLY just talking about going to Austria with our little guy. Love how comfortable this would be for everyone in the family

  8. Love when hotels like the Falkensteiner Club Funimation Katschberg offer both winter and summer activities. The hotel breakfast looks like a great way to fuel up for the day. So cool that the dinner has different themed dinners. I am sure your kids found so much to do at this resort. Great to have something to keep them visit. I would be heading to the spa!

  9. I went to Austria for the first time this summer and fell in love. Returning during the winter would be amazing and Falkensteiner Club Funimation Katschberg looks like a great property. I like that there is entertainment and a themed buffet each night. There are so many child friendly things to do it really is a perfect family trip. Great service for the hotel to have flip flops for the pool, wish more properties thought of that

  10. Hotel looks wonderful and safe for all the family. Would you recommend booking.com though? Isn’t direct booking better?

    1. Hi Naomi,

      I have booked nearly all my holiday hotels on booking.com or other platform. Some of the hotels in Europe don’t even offer direct booking. Other hotels do, but the prices would be higher than the offers from the booking platform.

      This hotel offered the same price as the platform when we booked. But this usually is not the case. I would suggest to check the booking.com first because it has other hotels on offer. It provides an overview of the available hotel tailored to your budget.

  11. It is so cool to read this now because I just got back from a ski trip. It was all out west of the USA, but I felt so energized…I want to ski everywhere now! Try all the resorts.

  12. This looks like such a fabulous place to go! It’s fun that it is a year-round destination. The scenery is just beautiful! I love it when rooms have the toilet and shower separate, too – it’s already less space than you’re used to, so it’s great to have a bit of privacy and maximize usage. Ha! The food sounds amazing, too. I need to put Austria on my list!

  13. I would love to do a stay here however if I did, I wouldnt come here for the skiing. It be for the relaxation in the winter months or using it as a base for hiking in the summer months. The hotel is designed fantastically for children which also has opened up my eyes as I have two young daughters. Would seriously consider staying here on my next visit to the Austrian Alps.

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