The Green and White Asparagus Festival

Back to year 2000 a local farmer in Weiterstadt ( a city south of Frankfurt) hosted a small activity including BBQ station etc. during the asparagus season.  However, over the years the activity has attracted many locals people from neighbouring areas. Now it turns to be a big and famous Asparagus Festival (“Spargelfest” in German) in South Hesse, Germany. It becomes a local tradition.

When and What to Do

The asparagus festival usually starts after the Easter holiday and lasts two months. In May and June there are several important public holidays in Germany.  The owner arranges many special programs to boost the atmosphere. These programs include Musicals, Kids Activities and Guided Tours etc.  There is always a big playground for kids. A big tent is setup so people can eat inside. But there are more seats outside for families and groups.

the Big Tent for Asparagus Festival
the Big Tent for Asparagus Festival

What to Eat

What attracts me the most is the fresh local products and asparagus recipes. Being an asparagus festival most of foods include asparagus, such as “Crêpes with Smoked Salmon and White Asparagus”,”Herb Salad with Matinated Asparagus Topped with Grapeseed Oil and Roasted Pine Seed”. I have tried “Grilled Salmon with Tagliatelle with Riesling Sauce and Green Asparagus” and “White Asparagus with Smoked Pulled Pork”. Everything is freshly made, not expensive but taste great. Of course there is always a beer stand, open fire salmon grill station and ice-cream selling place.

Outside seating Area for "Spargelfest"
Outside seating Area for “Spargelfest”
Asparagus peeling Machine
Asparagus peeling Machine

What to Buy

In the shop (Steinbrücker Hof) there are many creative products. For example “Spargelgeist”, an alcoholic beverage made from white asparagus. There are also canned asparagus made from the asparagus from the season.

Spargelgeist, an Alcoholic Beverage
Spargelgeist, an Alcoholic Beverage

While it is asparagus’s harvest time, it is also the strawberry season. So the highlights are actually the products made from fresh strawberries. On the selves there are Strawberry with Whisky and Vanilla jam, Strawberry and Havana Rum etc. There are samples on the counter for the customers to try.  I tried several jams, and I have to say they are all having good flavour. Among them the best one I consider is Strawberry with Papaya and Cachaca. It is worth mention that the owner has won Golden Prize issued by DLG (“Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft”, in English “German Agricultural Society”).  DLG is a society which honors high quality agricultural daily products.

Strawberry Jams with Liquors as Part of Ingredients
Strawberry Jams with Liquors as Part of Ingredients

Not only the jam but also the liquors made from strawberries and other fruits. For example, “Sanddorn Erdbeer Likör” and “Erdbeer Likör” are among the popular ones. As Germans are also fond of Sekt (a type of sparkling wine), the owner also makes some Sekts from raspberry or lime etc. Other bio products are dried fruit chips. I couldn’t resist the temptation of such creation and left the shop with a big full shopping bag.

Fresh Strawberry Stand
Fresh Strawberry Stand

Address of the Asparagus Festival

Steinbrücker Hof
64331 Weiterstadt
Telefon: 06150 – 130 310
Telefax: 06150 – 130 315

How to get there

Many locals go there by cycling.  There are several cycling routes in the area, from Frankfurt, Darmstadt and surrounding small towns and villages.

However, it is also very easy to drive there. If you come from Frankfurt via A5 you take exit 25-Weiterstadt from A5 and drive on B42.  Turn left at Heinrichstraße, after 25m turn left again. Drive another 170m and turn right, the destination is at the right side.

There is a very big parking area next to the festival location. There are many flags on the site so you can easily see the location from faraway.

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