Henry’s, a Rustic Restaurant in Ingelheim

On a sunny spring Sunday I visited Ingelheim with my family. We spotted this lovely local venue Henry’s just opposite where we parked.  It does not have an attractive looking from outside. However an interesting daily menu in front of it attracted us.  It is a rustic window shutter which presents the daily selections. Because of it we entered into this restaurant. As a result we were totally surprised by its interior decoration.

Menu Displayed on a window Shutter in Front of Henry's, Ingelheim
Menu Displayed on a window Shutter in Front of Henry’s, Ingelheim

There are many cozy corners in the room. Vintage furniture, art pieces, open fire and even a piano all contribute to the rustic setting theme. You can either sit at the coffee corner to have some drinks while chatting with friends, or choose a window table to have a meal while watching outside street scene, or gather around a game table to play a game with others. Furthermore there is even a reading corner with many books for guests to borrow.

Cozy Corner in Henry's
Cozy Corner in Henry’s


You can buy most of the arts hanging on the wall and placed on the table since they all have prices marked on them. Arts are such as paintings, craft works or potteries. These art works are made by local people.  Sometimes in the evening local bands perform pop musics there.  You can find the announcement of their programs on a piece of paper placed on the tables. Locals seem like this venue very much.

Art works in Henry's from the Locals
Art works in Henry’s from the Locals

The menu selections are quite exotic.  It offers breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee and dinner. We have ordered four plates to share for our lunch:

1. A plate is Fried Scallops on Avocado Cream as starter to begin with. The scallops were grilled properly, not so dry.

Scallop Starter from Henry's
Scallop Starter from Henry’s

2. One main course is Creole style prawns which is cooked in cajun spice sauce. The side dish of it is the yellow rice mixed with spicy tomato-paprika sauce.  It tastes a little spice but affordable.

3. In addition to the above main course, we have also ordered two “Flammkuchen”. One is made from apple and pear slices in sugar and cinnamon. The fruit is not too soft and the pastry is crispy.  You can also order it as a desert.

4. The other one is called “Blaue Henry”. It is made from blue cheese and pear.  And it tastes just so delicious! The pastry of “Flammkuchen” is made very thin to balance the flavour.

Altogether the meal did not cost us that much.  There is an online menu available. The names of dishes are all written in German.  Nevertheless you can have a rough idea how they cost by looking at the prices next to them.

There are many other local restaurants in the area. When you ever visit Ingelheim, maybe you should try one of them. I would recommend this to be one of the things you should do in Ingelheim.






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