Le Tre Terrazze, a Famous Local Restaurant in Monteggiori

The restaurant Le Tre Terrazze is the only public business in the small hilltop village Monteggiori. We stayed in this village for seven nights during our Tuscany summer trip. Our family hotel is just a short walk from the restaurant.

After checked-in on the first day, we went there to have dinner. But the restaurant had no seat available on that day. So we booked a table for the next evening. On the website, it says the opening time is 19:30, but it starts around 20:00. When we entered the restaurant the next day, we had astonishing sunset views from the terrace.

Coastal view from Le Tre Terrazze
View from the terraces of Le Tre Trerrazze

The background

The restaurant was a generation business. The aunt of the current owner, Viviana Viviani, founded this business. The locals also called her la mamma. For decades, “Le Tre Terrazze” offers good home-style food while enjoying its great time. The restaurant frequently hosted some of the Versilian characters between the 70s and 80s. The established culinary tradition still lives on today.

Sunset views from the terraces

Le Tre Terrazze has a fantastic location. It has altogether three terraces, which is Le Tre Terrazze in Italian. Each of them has marvelous views over the flat land and the sea. While we were waiting for the food, we watched the sunset view. As the sun went down, the colour of the sky changed. The surrounding area was peaceful. We had a wonderful dinner accompanied by unforgettable sunset views.

Sunset view from the terrace

The interior design

Italian-Austrian designed the interior style. We heard he was talking with other guests about his designing idea. One of the guests was an Austrian. He spoke fluent German with the guest. Another guest was French, so they used English to communicate with each other. The design is in a rustic style with lots of hearty decorations.

Inside of Le Tre Trerrazze
Inside of Le Tre Trerrazze

The homemade food from Le Tre Terrazze

So what do they offer then? They offer a selection of homemade dishes with the family’s secret recipes. For starters, we tried two recipes:

  • Cold cuts, which is a plate of different salamis
  • Cheese selections with honey and jam

We tried the following dishes as the first course (Primi Piatti):

  • Homemade pasta with asparagus and bacon
  • Homemade pasta with wild boar sauce

The menu didn’t sound so special, but the food was very delicious. We liked the food so much that the next time we ordered the same dishes again.

As the second course (Secondi Piatti), we ordered a dish called the Grilled chicken with potatoes in English. But according to the Italian menu, this is a type of male chicken or cock. It was pretty small and stuffed up with rosemary. Maybe there were other herbs used as well. That remained a secret to us.

The skin was crispy, and its meat was slightly salty. Because the chicken was small, the chef seasoned it with all the ingredients thoroughly. It was so delicious that I would like to order the second one. But there wasn’t any left on that day. Because the whole preparation took time, the restaurant only prepared a small amount based on the daily reservations.

Grilled chicken with potatoes offered from Le Tre Trerrazze
Grilled chicken with potatoes offered from Le Tre Trerrazze

Our conclusion

There were several guests from other nations as well. The waiters could only speak basic English. Nevertheless, we got what we ordered and were very happy with the service and the food quality. There are many good reviews about this restaurant as well.

The business goes on and on through midnight. The small parking lot next to the village’s graveyard was always full between 20:00 and 22:00. If you happen to be in the area, Le Tre Terrazze is a restaurant worth trying.

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