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Things to Do with Kids in Germany

Are you going to travel with kids in Germany and wonder what you can do with them in Germany? There are many activities to do.  The country is family friendly and provides many conveniences for travelers with kids. In this post I will provide a list of activities which are good choices for family with kids at all ages. Some of these activities are available all year round.

Kletterwald (Rope Course)

Kletterwald, translated as Rope Course, is a challenging outdoor personal development and team building activity. It usually consists of high and/or low elements which are usually constructed in trees or made of utility poles and required security belts.

Each Kletterwald in Germany offers various level, from beginning to Professional. Sometimes small kids, starting from 4 years old, have the opportunity to do the exercises. Many schools make excursions to Kletterwalds. Other children use the venue for their birthday parties. Companies use them to run team building activity. Some locations are:

Nearly in every states you can find some Kletterwald.  Information is available online or in the local tourist information centre.

Funforest Kletterwald in Offenbach, Germany
Funforest Kletterwald in Offenbach, Germany (


In Germany there are thousands museums. Some of them are suitable for children.  They are very good educational resources for children.  Museums have interactive exhibits to increase children’s engagement. Some of the best ones are:

Treetop Walk

German takes great advantage of forest resources while setting focus on Eco environment attentions. Treetop walkways provide a good visual way to learn the nature and forest in the surrounding area. There are many such walkways built in Germany and serve as ecotourism attractions.

For example, there are two beautifully designed treetop walkways:

You can find more on the website.

Treetop Walkway in Füssen, Germany
Treetop Walkway in Füssen, Germany (


Germany is a hiking paradise for families. The hiking routes are among beautiful towns, villages, parks, forest and through UNESCO sites.  Along the route many hiking friendly accommodations offer you comfort at various levels. Detailed hiking information is usually available in the nearby tourist information centres.


Trimmpfad is an outdoor fitness trail located in areas of forest and parks in Germany. Elements are such as climbable rocks, trees, stepping posts or climbing bars etc. The degree of difficulty is determined by is terrain slope, trail surface and other features. It adds a lot of fun for the family when walking through the area.  In Germany there are many such settings.  There is a website including all Trimmpfads in Germany.  The website is in German but you can search a location on the map or use “suchen” (search) to find one next to where you want to go.

Trimmpafd (source credit)
Trimmpafd (source credit)

Water Parks

Other things to do with kids in Germany are visiting the water parks. Germany has many water parks which open year round.  The 5 best among them are:

Adventure Mini golf Park

Recent years adventure mini golf gets more and more popular in Germany.  They are also the birthday venues for children.  It is very usual to find them in some holiday resorts. Some good ones are for example:

There is a website which includes all mini golf in Bavaria.

Miniature Wonderland (the best thing to do with kids in Germany)

Some of the theme parks in Germany are among the world best in terms of their layout and the attractions. I personally like two of them which are suitable for family:

There are others more target to family with young kids.  For example:

For a complete list of such theme parks please check this website.  It also includes the parks in neighbouring countries. Many theme park sites have detail descriptions about each attraction regarding restrictions etc. . Check them before you decide to visit one.

River Cruise

The most popular cruising areas in Germany are: the Rhine, the Moselle, the Main, the Danube and  the Elbe. For example in Frankfurt am Main there is a tourist sightseeing cruise taking you through the urban areas of Frankfurt towards the Western harbour, past Frankfurt’s impressive skyline.

Another one in Frankfurt am Main takes you past the beautifully fashioned banks of the Main, with a detour to Frankfurt Osthafen. Both take around 50 minutes. This type of activity usually are offered in some major cities along the rivers.

The tickets are affordable and kids usually get discount prices. Some of the cruises offer meals and snacks as well. Taking a river cruise is a leisure activity to do with kids in Germany.

KD Rhine River Cruise Route
KD Rhine River Cruise Route (


Take a leisure bike tour through cycling routes connecting towns, villages, vineyards etc. Or ideally for families are the many riverside routes which offer plenty of roadside distraction. Germany has a range of cyclist-friendly accommodation – from farm stays to castle hotels.

Not having a bicycle with you? You can rent one online.

Indoor Spielplatz (Indoor Playground)

This is a type of fun indoor playground in which children can enjoy playing, running, climbing and other activities.  It is also good for rainy days and cold weather.  Some nice ones are:

Germany has a large green covered area which boosts many outdoor activities. It is a nation which loves holiday. It is very usual  that German families carry their kids even babies on holiday. This means that there is no lack of things to do with kids in Germany in all kind of weathers.




  1. I lived in Germany for years, but before and after having kids. I love your tips. I especially love visiting some of the places with entrance fees because they’re mostly non-existent or very small… well, except for the theme parks! Great round up of activities!

    1. Hi Ann,
      Thanks for the comments! Germany is a nice country for families with kids. I have done some of these activities with my family and we loved them very much. It is also a common thing to do for most German families to join these activities.



  2. I’ve observed that in the world today, video games are classified as the latest fad with children of all ages. Often times it may be extremely hard to drag your children away from the games. If you want the very best of both worlds, there are various educational video games for kids. Good post.

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