A Long Weekend Itinerary for Krakow

Our itinerary for Krakow covered four days, including a weekend. It was our first time to visit this country, we were curious about everything and would like to see several places. However, we realized that the weekend wasn’t long enough to see all. Being an old capital of Poland and the first UNESCO site, Krakow has many attractive aspects. Not far from Krakow is the famous Tatra Mountains, which provides many holiday destinations as well. We tried to cover both culture sites and landscape sites when we created an itinerary for Krakow. Though we only had a long weekend for the trip, we were determined to see as much as possible.

We arrived at Krakow by plane on Thursday and departure on Sunday. Here is our weekend itinerary for Krakow:

  • Thursday: walking around Zakopane and Poronin
  • Friday: made a Krakow day trip and joined Wieliczka Salt Mine tour
  • Saturday: hiking around the lake Morskie Oko
  • Sunday: leave Krakow by plane
Horse-Carriage on the Sightseeings Tour; Krakow Old Town; Krakow Day Trip
Horse-Carriage on the Sightseeings Tour

Thursday: walking around Zakopane and Poronin

Our itinerary for Krakow started with the visit to Zakopane. There are many things to do in Zakopane. Due to the limited time, we opted for its famous wooden architectural houses, the traditional style in the local area. Then, we arrived at the famous Krupowki Street and had our lunch in a restaurant populated mainly by locals.

After lunch, we visited the popular mountainous village of Poronin. In the local supermarket, we bought some food for our dinner.

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Food stall in Zakopane, Poland
Food stall in Zakopane

Friday: made a Krakow day trip and joined Wieliczka Salt Mine tour

First, we visited Wawel Castle atop Royal Hill, and then the main market square in Krakow. There was a street market in the old city centre. The famous Cloth Hall and Town Hall Tower, as well as many other old buildings, are all in this area.  After the round walk, we ate some polish foods in a local restaurant located in Cloth Hall.

In the afternoon we booked a Wieliczka Salt Mine tour. It is one of the world’s oldest working salt mines. We saw things such as carvings, statues, and mining equipment all made of salt. The tour took us three hours and is definitely worth the money.

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Saint Kinga’s Chapel at the Wieliczka Salt Mine; day trips from krakow
Saint Kinga’s Chapel at the Wieliczka Salt Mine

Saturday: hiking around the lake Morskie Oko

This was a hiking day. We did great hiking to Morskie Oko in the Tatras Mountains. From the lake Morskie Oko, we continued hiking up to another lake Czarny Staw (Black Pond).  This part was quite stressful. We had a late lunch in the lakeside restaurant after hiking.

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View of Morskie Oko from the Top
View of Morskie Oko from the Top

Sunday: leave Krakow by plane

We planned to take the early flight back to Germany. However, due to the bad weather in Frankfurt, the flight was delayed for several hours.  Since we could cancel our flight tickets, we tried to seek an alternative way to get back to Frankfurt as quickly as possible.

We tried to search for alternative ways either by train or by bus, but there are no quick connections between the two cities. To take a train home, we would need to exchange 7 or 8 times in between, which is ridiculous and complicated enough. If we took a bus instead, then it would be an overnight bus ride! Finally, we still took the original Lufthansa Flight and arrived in Frankfurt in the late evening.

Alternative Itinerary for Krakow

On the 4th day, if your flight is at a later time, you still have time to explore other places, for example,  the Schindler’s Factory.  It is not far from Krakow, 10 minutes by car or 45 minutes’ walk there. One of the other places is the  Auschwitz Museum and Concentration Camp. It is 66 kilometers west of Krakow. There are several ways to reach there. Please check here for the details.

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Town Hall Tower and Cloth Market; Krakow Old Town; Krakow Day Trip
Town Hall Tower and Cloth Market

Where we stayed

We stayed in GORSKA OSADA Chalets in Zakopane, not far from Poronin.  The chalet is quite new and has a hearty interior decoration. Because we were unfamiliar with the local restaurants, we decided to have our breakfast in our cozy chalet.  To have the chance to taste some Polish Food, we had our lunch outside every day. Every evening we had our candlelight dinner next to the fire.  The cottage is not expensive, but the value is very high.

Upon arrival at our chalet, the staff welcomed us warmly. The staff spoke perfect English and gave us all the instructions we needed to know. We are very satisfied with our stay.

But if you don’t rent a car, I would suggest you stay in Krakow. The hotels in Krakow are in general cheaper than those in resort areas. You can also check HotelsCombined to compare hotel offers from different platforms.

GORSKA OSADA Chalets in Zakopane
GORSKA OSADA Chalets in Zakopane

How to get around in Krakow

Krakow City Card

The best way to get around in Krakow is to buy a Krakow City Card. The City Card entitles holders to free travel on city buses and trams, and free entry at up to 40 museums in Krakow. The card is valid on city buses and trams day and night. You can choose a 2-day card or a 3-day card.

Hop-on Hop-off Sightseeing Bus Ticket

Or, buy a hop-on-hop-off sightseeing bus ticket to explore Krakow at your own pace. You can enjoy panoramic views of Krakow from an open-top bus, hop on and off at attractions such as Wawel Castle. You can choose bus ticket valid for either 24-hour or 48-hour.

Rent a car

As we planned to go to other places outside of Krakow, we rented a car for the trip. The rental cost was very cheap, 34 Euro for 4 days was what we paid. It was a big off-road car.

Tips for visiting Krakow

In general, we liked the trip very much.  However if possible, we would like to plan more time for Krakow. The city deserves much more attention. When you plan itinerary for Krakow, plan at least two days for the Krakow if possible. Museums on Wawel Castle Hill are worth to visit. Other things like visiting the viewing platform of St Mary’s tower etc.

If you want to see other places near Krakow, plan enough days in your itinerary for Krakow trip. Some of the day trips from Krakow require enough time to enjoy.

The driving situation closed to the old centre is a nightmare.  We parked in the old centre. But we had the big problem to drive out of the old centre.  If you stay in Krakow, it*s better to use a Krakow City Card.

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