What to Wear in Germany in Summer, a Local’s Guide (Women Edition)

What to wear in Germany in summer? After hours of packing, you are still unsure if you are packed too less or too much?  That’s how I experienced when I moved to Germany years ago. After having had many summer holiday trips in Germany, I have become more experienced in packing now.

How to decide what to wear in Germany in summer

The first thing I would consider is the weather situation. Located in the Northern Hemisphere, Germany expects around 15 hours of sunlight of day between the middle of May and the middle of August. The weather is warm and sometimes can be very hot during the day. However, the temperature in the early morning and late night can be very low as well. Sometimes the climate can change so dramatically that I would think that the autumn is coming.

Next, Germany has an incredible variety of landscape. The country has forested hills and mountains cut through by the Danube, Main, and Rhine river valleys. In the north, the landscape flattens out to a wide plain that stretches to the North Sea. If I want to look around several places, it is very likely to travel into different landscapes. So, it is necessary to equip accordingly.

Then, between the geographic extremes, there is cultural diversification. From the big cities to the small countryside village, the lifestyle is varying. Especially, if you join some local events or festival, you should also dress accordingly.

Last, as rule of thumb, I would also consider how to reduce the luggage weight so that I can travel conveniently and cope with unexpected situations easily. The best way is to carry clothes which can be layered for different weather conditions and activities.

What to wear in Germany in summer

Like all other European countries, in the big cities, women like to wear an outfit with a chic looking when they walk on the high streets. In small towns and villages, women tend to wear casual outfits. But most women will wear clothing according to what they are doing. In summer, it is common to wear casual dresses, T-shirts, tops, shorts, Capri Jeggings, and skinny stretch jeans. A detailed list is described as follow.

T-shirts and tank tops

Dresses. Skirts or dresses in cotton or linen fabric are welcome. Casual style is for the day, and elegant style is for the dine out in the evening.


You should choose cotton t-shirts or tops which are lightweight, soft and comfortable to wear. They are also practical and can be combined with jeans and shorts.

 The best T-Shirts to wear in Germany in summer

Tank top

Tank top is suitable during the day in the hot summer. In the evening, when the weather gets cool, you can just layer a light sweater on. This pink cute v-neck vest is quite a fashion.

Tunic Blouse

A tunic blouse with soft and breathable fabric will keep you feeling comfortable. The newest round neck tunic shirts are a good choice for women and young girls. The lovely blouse has a relaxed fit style and back pleated design. 

It matches perfectly with loose basic tops, any skinny pants, and shorts. The tunic blouse is also good for summer and autumn seasons.


Skirts and dresses

The fabric of the skirt and dresses is the main reason when I choose what to wear in Germany in summer.

Linen casual dress 

Short sleeve tunic dresses have become a fashion style in Germany nowadays. The fabric is suitable for the summer, and the dresses are very fashionable as well. Some casual linen dresses also look elegant and are also good for dining out in the evening. Take a look at this sleeveless cotton linen loose casual long dress. This summer dress was made of 60% cotton 40% linen. The design style of this long dress features a pure color, sleeveless, round neck, irregular hem, and a big swing.

Cotton casual dress

Summer in Germany can be quite hot. The cotton fabric make your skin feeling comfortable. In fact, cotton dresses are a timeless fashion. This floral pattern dress is available in many colours and various sizes.

Night out dress

In some up-level restaurants, the dress-code is required. The Elegant Dress A Line Cap Sleeve V Neck would fit into this occasion.

Shorts, leggings and Capri jeans

Lightweight crop leggings

The 3/4 Smooth Crop Leggings has Seamless design allows for easy layering. It stretches to fit most sizes. The tops and T-shirts can all be fit into the leggings. 

Linen Wide Leg Pants

This Linen Cropped Flared Pants has solid Color, wide leg style, front pleated design. You can match with t-shirts, blouses, tank tops. It is good for spring, summer and autumn wear. The pants are not only suitable for travel and daily wear but also suitable for work and house wear. 

Capri Jeggings

An ultra-soft and stretchy, comfortable, adapts well to the body Capri Jeggings is also the basic item for traveling to Germany in summer. It is suitable to wear in the flight, to cope with the changing weathers, and to fit all kind of T-shirts. Are you going to stroll around the cities or getting lost in the wildness? If you are unsure of the plan, you should be sure to carry a Capri Jeggings.



For the summertime, a short with soft, comfortable, healthy and breathable fabric is a must item on the road. The drawstring elastic waist casual short has an elastic waistband for a stretchy fit. The adjustable drawstring offers added comfort. It is suitable for daily occasions and beach walk. The cotton fabric shorts gives a soft and comfortable feel. The casual striped elastic waist self-tie short is with a belt, loose fit, and suitable for summer as well. It looks cute with a T-shirt or a crop top.


Make sure to carry outwears which you can wear alone or layer for the cooler weather. Not all the destinations in Germany are hot and sunny during the summer time. And the climate can change dramatically from one day to the other, or even within a day.

Light sweater

If you are seeking outdoor activities in Germany, it’s better to prepare a light sweater jacket. Especially, if you like to hike in the forest or mountains, it can get cool easily. A cardigan is not so practical because of its materials. Try this Round Neck Long Sleeve Full Zip Hoodies.

Rain jacket

A waterproof, breathable, and packable women’s jacket is a must for the rainy days. It can shield you from wet weather out on the trail and then store away into your rucksack when the sun returns. The Columbia Women’s Arcadia II Jacket has an Omni-tech membrane combines with full seam sealing and a soft mesh lining to keep you dry and comfortable both on the exterior and interior.


flip flop

Many old towns and villages have cobblestones. In general, it is okay to wear a pair of flip flops. But you should choose the one with a comfortable bottom. I personally prefer to wear the Clark shoes, for example, the Clark Women’s Breeze Sea Flip Flop, It features adjustable thong strap with hook-and-loop closure, floral-print footbed, and mid-sole stripe, which makes comfortable to walk on uneven roads as well.


A pair of sandals is good for the day and night in summer time.  The Donddi Sandal is 100% man-made and is available in various colour. The two-piece flat sandal features with wide toe strap and buckled closure at ankle.

One  pair flats

This pair of loafer (or a pair of flats) makes you feel comfortable when walking or standing all day. You can wear it without wearing any socks. VenusCelia Women’s Natural Comfort Walking Flat Loafer is made from Leather with Rubber sole. Its durable anti-slip outsole with massage function bottom provides natural comfort. It goes with casual but elegant outfits as well.

One  pair running shoes

It is not necessary to have a pair of real hiking shoes as most hiking routes are not in extreme conditions. But a pair of running shoes is a must. It is very usual to see that Germans in all age groups wear running shoes in their daily lives. My best selection is Adidas Women’s Alphabounce Em W Running Shoe.

Tips and suggestions

It is also good to check the local weather before traveling to Germany. Depend on where to go, what to do, and how long to stay, it is not necessary to carry all items listed above. It is also a smart way to layer clothes for the autumn as well, simply because the weather in Germany can change dramatically. Now, do you have an idea of what to wear in Germany in summer time?



  1. A nice list of suggestions and tips for every topography, weather and occasion. I would any time opt for sneakers and loafers though. And, that tunic paired with those jeggings is for someone like me. Just thinking about the next attire to wear, makes me giddy…call me too lazy! So, this post comes across as a ready reckoner to peeps like me!

  2. Well, you’re right in saying that there’s a lot of diverse landscape and it sort of depends where you’re going to. In the summer, I love wearing linen and cotton casual dresses with flip flops. Also, rain jackets are usually a good add-on for some areas that experience rain in the summer months. Thanks for suggesting running shoes, it’s good to know that you don’t necessarily need to invest in hiking shoes. I do usually carry a pair of sneakers with me.

  3. Great suggestions for outfits for Germany! I actually own a few of the pieces that you recommended already and love them. I believe we are heading to Germany to next summer, so I’m already starting to plan. I love that these items are available on Amazon. It makes shopping so easy!

  4. Awesome, seems like you solve my Bday present dilemma for my girlfriend. We are visiting Germany at the end of the summer, I’m fit in well with one of those dresses. Thanks for the ideas.

  5. You have put together really useful info. The tunic dresses look so nice. And here I have been thinking of heavy clothing and jeans only. But from this post, I feel cotton clothes would work well. Sandals and flip flops in my bag too all the time now.

  6. I love the specific recommendations you gave! I’m all about loose fitting clothing, especially in summer, and am obsessed with those loose fitting dresses. I love your fun t-shirt suggestions too!

  7. Loved that you included pictures as well! I would have never guessed what the weather is like in Germany at this time of year!

  8. These outfits are perfect for the summer. I am particularly interested in that tunic dress. It looks so comfy to wear and I love that the material is cotton and linen! I will get that for sure!

  9. I’m always looking for ways to pack smarter for travel and knowing what I will need to wear in my destination is key. Guides like this are an invaluable resource for travellers. Thank you for sharing.

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