Hello, I am Mijia, the editor of “www.mymagicearth.com”.  Welcome to My Magic Earth!

My Background

Some years ago I left Canada and relocated to Frankfurt am Main in Germany.  Since then I have been living and working in Germany. Frankfurt am Main is centrally located in western Europe. It has a big international airport which offers connections to many world destinations. Well-maintained highway network provides endless road travel opportunities to neighbouring countries. Being given these advantages my family has made many weekend trips, holiday trips as well as day trips in years behind.

Why to write this blog

In Germany, I always play a game with my kid. The game is called “Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst”. It means “I see something, what you don’t see, it is …” followed by a description of that object. The first person selects an object in the surrounding for the next person to guess. The guessing player is then allowed to choose an item for the next one to guess. Sometimes an object is easy to be found but the guessing player just cannot locate it.

I think the same phenomenon applies to travelers as well. Even people travel to the same destination, everyone gains different views and experiences. I have been to 45 countries before I started this blog at the beginning of March, 2018. In my blog, you will see my travel stories which are unique to me. I will also write about interesting things I have seen and known. Meanwhile, I will initiate travel ideas based on my experience for the world to share.

My hobbies

I love to see others places, to eat food from other nations and to explore local cultures. Reading, cooking, SPA and now blogging are things I enjoy to do. I hope you enjoy reading my blog just like how much I do yours.

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