About Me

Hello, I am Mijia, the editor of My Magic Earth.  Welcome to My Magic Earth!

My Background

A few years ago, I left Canada and relocated to Frankfurt am Main in Germany. Since then, I have been living and working in Germany. My family has made many weekend trips, holiday trips as well as day trips in years behind.

Why write this blog

I have traveled to 50 countries on five continents. Before being relocated to Germany, I lived In China, Canada, and the Netherlands.

Having worked in the Business Travel Management industry for more than a decade, I decided to spotlight my own travel experience online. My blog, My Magic Earth, focuses on small and underrated places in Europe. Over the years, I have become a slow traveler. I keen on learning the local culture and love to share my knowledge with my audience.

My hobbies

As a big sauna fan,  I go to the spa regularly. Being a food lover, I spend significant time to explore the local food cultures, in Germany as well as the rest of Europe. I would like to work with brands and offer services in products/tours/hotels reviews.

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Welcome to explore My Magic Earth!

Email:     info@mymagicearth.com