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My Magic Earth travel blog is your go-to destination for sharing travel stories, authentic reviews, global travel inspiration, and tantalizing food experiences. My passion and the essence of this blog revolve around empowering individuals to travel smarter within limited time constraints. Discover more about me here.

Despite the blog’s inception in Spring 2018, I’ve already cultivated a devoted community on Pinterest and Instagram. My followers trust my insights and engage with enthusiasm.

Having spent significant portions of my life in both Europe and Shanghai equips me with a unique ability to effectively promote products and destinations related to these regions.

If you believe our collaboration would be a perfect match, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Feel free to send me an email at Looking forward to connecting with you!”

Services I offer:

  1. Reviews (hotel, restaurant, product, tours, etc.)
  2. Content Creation
  3. Sponsored posts / Collaborations
  4. Banner ads
  5. Event Coverage
  6. Brand Ambassadorship
  7. Pinterest Manager (account creation, Pin creation, Facebook group activity etc.)