Guilin Park, a Classic Southern Chinese Garden in Shanghai

Guilin Park (桂林公园) is one of the best parks in Shanghai and is well-known among the locals only. It is located to the west of Shanghai near Xujiahui commercial district. There are hundreds of parks in Shanghai, classified as recreational parks, community parks, and traditional parks. The Guilin Park is one of the few traditional parks and has a classic southern Chinese garden landscape. In fact, it is a small version of the famous Suzhou Garden style.

If you visit Shanghai and are short in time to see the Suzhou gardens, this park can give you a strong impression of how a traditional southern Chinese garden looks like. It only takes you less than an hour to complete a round walk. It is also one of the cheap things you can do in Shanghai because the entrance ticket is only two yuan at the time of writing.

Pond and Pavilion in Guilin Park, Shanghai
Pond and Pavilion in Guilin Park, Shanghai

Background of the Guilin Park

It used to be the private garden of Huang Jinrong, the former Head of the Police Station of the French Concession and the head of Shanghai Gangster. Built in 1931, it took four years to construct the garden on the ground of an ancestral temple and graveyard. To express Huang’s prestigious status, the garden was designed very elegant, delicate and enjoyable.

In 1937, when the Japanese army occupied Shanghai, the garden became the army base. The Japanese army burned several original mansions and one temple when they left Shanghai. In 1957, the Shanghai government turned it into a public park. Over the years, several expansions and constructions have taken place. Gradually, it has become one of the best parks in Shanghai again. Today, the park covers an area of 35,509 square metres and is

Garden behind the Round Door in Guilin Park, Shanghai
Garden behind the Round Door in Guilin Park, Shanghai

The main features of the park

On both side of the main door is the 83-metre long dragon wall. The wall is made of 46 windows, similar to the style of Lingering Garden in Suzhou. The layout of the park demonstrates the profound craftsmanship and an artistic way of simulating nature. The park has all elements a traditional southern Chinese garden would have. Beautiful pavilions, rock formations, ornamental windows, arched bridges, ponds, and shady walkways, all are nicely designed and arranged. Furthermore, the park is divided into several sections, each with diffident layouts.

The 83-metre long dragon wall in Guilin Park, Shanghai
The 83-metre long dragon wall in Guilin Park, Shanghai

The buildings’ architectural style is bright. There are 15 different pavilions, next to the ponds, on top of the rock formations, on the bridges, and in the garden sections. The hexagonal pavilion (六角亭) on the right side of the Sijiao Ting (四教亭) is inscribed words written by Jiang Jieshi for Huang Jinrong. And, the long corridor (九曲长廊) will leave everyone a strong impression.

Nearly every square metre is used for design purpose. All elements are placed next to each other in harmony. This reflects the Chinese traditional beliefs that a garden is a place to be close to nature, to be in harmony with nature, and to beautify the living conditions. Such a classical garden is also a carrier to express the feelings and place the emotions through its traditional garden elements.

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The Osmanthus trees and other plants

The name Guilin Park, literary means Osmanthus Woods Park (Guilin, 桂林 in Chinese, “桂” means Osmanthus, while “林” means woods).  It got its name since more than 1000 Osmanthus trees of over 20 different types, were planted there. These are for example, Osmanthus Fragrans and Osmanthus Asiaticus. Besides, two-thirds of the trees are evergreen, and one-third is deciduous. The park is also famous for its hundred-year-old pine tree and two-hundred-year-old Boxwoods (Buxus micro-phylla).

In addition, other plants and fauna such as Peony, Pine, Cypress, White Magnolia, Cinnamomum are also scattered among the buildings. All elements in the garden are unified perfectly together and form a unique garden complex.

Zig-Zag walkway in Guilin Park, Shanghai
Zig-Zag walkway in Guilin Park, Shanghai

What to do

The Guilin Park is not so close to the residential area. It is usually quite silent compared to other larger neighborhood parks in the city. You can have a break or read o book in one of the 15 pavilions like the locals do. Or, you can follow those winding paths leading to every secret corner while appreciating the garden landscape.

Around the Chinese traditional mid-autumn festival, it is also the Osmanthus blooming period. The whole garden is full of sweet scents. Sometimes there are events taking place.

If you are with the family, this is a nice place for the kids to play hide-and-seek games. From the kid point of view, this park is like a natural playground. Though it is one of the best parks in Shanghai, many tourists are not aware of it. But it is worth a walk if you are at the west side of Shanghai.

How to get there

The address of the Guilin Park is:  No1, Guilin Road, Shanghai (桂林路1号)

Buses such as 830, 909, 224, 732, 43, 92 all stop near the park. Alternatively, you can take subway line 12. Exit the subway and enter the park from the north entrance. The north entrance is at the corner of Caobao Road and Guilin Road. The park also has the south entrance and west entrance.

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Guilin Park (桂林公园) is one of the best parks in Shanghai and is well-known among the locals only. It is located to the west of Shanghai near Xujiahui commercial district. #China #Shanghai #park #daytrip #traveltips #asia #


  1. This is so nice when compared to the crowded, touristy parks. Its nice to get to know how the authentic parks look like.
    This little garden has gone through such a history! Right from being a police man’s garden to Japanese Army Base to public park? Whoa! That’s a lot!
    The dragon wall looks interesting. 2 types of greenery within this small place and a 200yr old tree? Its definitely a must-visit place!

  2. The Guilin Park looks like a great place to spend some quiet and relaxing time. As you suggest, catching up with a book or just walking around the enchanting garden would be a great experience. I really love how the pavilions are laid out and how one can stroll through the paths to all nooks and corners of the vast garden.

  3. I love that Shanghai has such a beautiful park as Guilin Park. The story of the Park is inspiring as it seems to have come back to life after being burnt and rebuilt. Always such a pity when places become the victims of war.

  4. Guilin Park really looks beautiful as it has many interesting things to see which are very authentic. I loved the 83 meter long dragon wall and it would nice to walk along with it. That round door too looks beautiful. Also the garden is full of trees and greenery which is nice for relaxing. Thanks for sharing a hidden gem from Shanghai.

  5. No matter how much the western media says about China, we can’t deny how gorgeous many China’s garden are. They are all designed and planned well, with perfection and applying its gardening philosophy that suitable in all year round. Saving your guide for our future Shanghai trip!

  6. It’s great to know that you can visit such a beautiful park rather inexpensively. I also enjoy hop on/off buses and lot so it’s great to know you can access Guilin Park that way. China has been on my list for a while and I would love to see this peaceful and serene park.

  7. How pretty is Guilin Park?! I’d like to return to China and visit Shanghai, it’s a regret I didn’t visit when I was last there. I love that photo of the dragon wall, it’s so photogenic. I’m unfamiliar with southern Chinese gardens, so I will have to read more on this!

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