One of my best memories from the Brittany trip is the hiking experience at the Ploumanac’h on the Pink Granite Coast. The pink granite coastline stretches from the Pointe de l’Arcouest to Trébeurden, including a series of remarkable curves, islands, and islets. The coloured rocks of the coastline have unique coppery pink colour irradiated under the sun. Carved by the sea and eroded by the wind, the rugged coast is a paradise for hikers.

We went to Ploumanac’h in the early morning with cameras and started our hiking on the cliffside. The whole coastal path around Ploumanac’h is quite long, it ends at the beach (Plage de Trestraou) of Perros-Guirec.

Hiking trail at Ploumanac’h on the Pink Granite Coast 

When hiking, we had to follow a specific path made to protect the surrounding nature. Many rocks are accessible, but hikers still need to wear appropriate shoes. We walked from the lighthouse (Phare de Men Ruz) to the Côte de granite rose parking lot and walked back the same way. Alternatively, you can take a loop walk leaving the coastal trail behind you on the way back. 

The well-maintained coastal trail is lovely and with glorious scenery. No cycling is allowed on it. Somewhere along the walking trail, an information board shows the status of the old and the current path just upgraded a few years ago.

Lighthouse (Phare de Men Ruz)

The first stop was the Ploumanac’h Lighthouse made of pink granite. At the area of the lighthouse, we had a first glance at the big pink rocks. The ground of the lighthouse was closed to the public at that time. But we could still see the lighthouse in the distance. 

The lifeboat station

Next, we passed the lifeboat station with its slippery ramp to the waves. I walked to the edge of the water and discovered several divers. In the light morning breeze, I felt myself being in a remote new world. The whole scene was so idyllic. 

Unique rock formation

Along the trail, there are several viewpoints where visitors can observe eccentric rocks rising from the sea. Those rocks are in unique formations, resembling many daily objects. Therefore, many have unique names. Because the colours of the large rocks change with the light, we had good opportunities to test some of our newly acquired camera lenses. 

The coastal hiking trail constantly offers breathtaking views of the pink granite rocks and the vast open sea. At some spots, the paths disappear into the rocks. We climbed up the rocks to see the coastline from a different angle.  

The bottom of the sea

Around lunchtime, the foreshore was emerging at the low tide. We take a walk over the bottom of the ‘sea’ between the rose granite rocks. Here and there, small crustaceans and other aquatic animals were among small rocks unable to escape. 

Plage de Trestraou

The Pink Granite Coast is not only about hard rocks and rugged landscapes. There are many coves sheltered by trees and beaches with fine sands, for example, the beach Plage de Trestraou in Perros-Guirec. At the end of the hiking trail at Ploumanac’h on the Pink Granite Coast, the white and flat sandy beach is a paradise for bathers. On that sunny day, the Seven Islands, a small archipelago just a few kilometres out, were visible from the beach.

Most restaurants on the beach have sea views. On that dazzlingly sunny day, we had a three-course of seafood lunch right next to the beach. It was the highlight of our holiday time!

Pink Granite Coast travel tips

Other renowned places along the Pink Granite Coast

Plougrescant is not far from Ploumanac’h on the pink granite coast. It is famous for having a private house embedded between two rocks. We went there the other day and had a good view of the house and on the coastline. From the parking area, follow signs “La Maison du Gouffre” up there.

Ile-de-Brehat is known as the island of flowers just off the coast from Pointe de l’Arcouest. The trees and flowers against the backdrop of the pink granite of the island make the island an attractive holiday destination. You can explore the island by bicycle or on foot. The ferry runs all year round, leaving from the Pointe de l’Arcouest, north of Paimpol.

Plan enough time for the walking activities

If you make a short trip from Paris, you should stay a day or two at one of the hotels on the coastline to fully admire the breathtaking sculptured rocks. Besides, the coastline offers two distinct views. When it is high tide, many giant rocks are standing in the sea, and at a low tide a few hours later, the coastline is a different world. If you are a photographer, you might need to take pictures in different daylights throughout the day.  

There are several hotels directly on the coastline such as  Castel Beau Site and Hôtel des Rochers.

Be aware of safety

Regarding safety, always stay on the dedicated walking path to avoid any potential danger and protect this nature reserve area. The pink granite coast is also a paradise for many birds.

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