Autumn in Switzerland: 4-Day Itinerary

Autumn in Switzerland is beautiful. Our 4-day itinerary seamlessly blended the charm of rural landscapes and vibrant urban scenes. Nestled within its heart, the majestic Alps dominate the terrain, treating us to breathtaking sights of snow-capped peaks, serene glacier lakes, lush emerald valleys, and quaint mountain villages. Autumn in Switzerland provides an ideal backdrop for exploration, with dry, crisp air and mild temperatures enhancing the comfort of outdoor pursuits.

Beyond the awe-inspiring landscapes, Switzerland also has cultural attractions like the dynamic cities of Zürich and Lucerne. Here, museums and galleries beckon, historic edifices tell tales of the past, and various festivals add an extra layer of excitement. Planning a Switzerland itinerary to suit any duration is effortlessly achievable.

Autumn in Switzerland: our 4-day itinerary

Considering the limited travel time, we chose to lodge at Alpenparadies, situated near Beatenberg, Switzerland. Our plan focused on exploring the nearby attractions in this picturesque region.

1st Day: Aare Gorge (Aarenschluct) and Brienz

Aare Gorge (Aarenschlucht)

Carved through the limestone, the Aare Gorge between Meiringen and Innertkirchen plunges to a depth of 200 metres, with its narrowest point measuring just over one metre wide. The fascinating gorge offers an easily navigable one-hour walk. Accompanied by our baby trolley and appreciating the partial wheelchair accessibility, we traversed from the western entrance to the middle of the narrow valley, arguably the most scenic section of the gorge.

Aare Gorge (Aasrenschluct), Switzerland


At the eastern edge of the turquoise Lake Brienz, the cosy village is an ideal destination to see the beauty of the lake. Leisurely strolling along the Brienz promenade, we soaked in the peaceful views of the glacier lake. The low stone boundaries lining the lake beckoned us to pause, capturing moments against the serene backdrop of the Alpine scenery. Subsequently, we treated ourselves to a relaxing break at a lakeside restaurant.

The late afternoon sun bathed the lake in a warm glow, creating a perfect ambiance on this mid-autumn day. Following our refreshing break, we strolled along Brunngasse, one of the picturesque streets in Europe.

Lake View in Brienz, Switzerland; Autumn in Switzerland

2ed Day: Jungfraujoch

At 3,454 meters (11,332 ft), Jungfraujoch, the Top of Europe, stands as a high-alpine wonderland of ice, snow, and rock—a highlight of any Swiss holiday. Our journey started from Kleine Scheidegg, where we took the Jungfrau Railway, passing through the Eiger to reach the highest train station in Europe.

As the train climbed up, white glaciers replaced the green meadows until we reached Jungfraujoch. At the summit’s Sphinx Observation Deck, the breathtaking 360° panorama unveiled one of the most beautiful sceneries in the Alps. The view extended from the valley to the snow-draped peaks and the majestic Aletsch glacier.

Exploring the Ice Palace and strolling on the perennial snow added a magical touch to our visit before taking the return journey. Besides, the ride aboard the Jungfrau train station etched itself as one of the most scenic train experiences we’ve had in Europe.

Jungfraujoch Grindelwald Switzerland

3rd Day: Lucerne (Luzern) and Sustenpass

Lucerne (Luzern)

Lucerne is a romantic Swiss gateway. Among the world-renowned landmarks, the Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke) with its octagonal Water Tower stood out. Despite a destructive fire in 1993, the bridge underwent meticulous restoration, retaining its status as the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe.

We planned to view this elegant city onboarding a river cruise with the panorama of the surrounding Swiss Alps’ peaks. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans for us that day, prompting us to abandon the cruise idea. Instead, we found ourselves showing up in the world of Swiss chocolate. Roaming through chocolate shops, we discovered a tempting array of handmade chocolates, exquisite pralines, and fluffy pastries—ideal companions for a cozy afternoon tea.


Susten Pass (Sustenpass)

On the way to Lucerne, we initially followed Highway 8, but for the return trip, we drove along Highway 2 and then took Road No. 11, which passes the breathtaking Sustenpass.

Sustenpass in the Swiss Alps, has a rich history, with construction spanning from 1938 to 1945. This includes a 300-metre tunnel that cuts through the pass at an elevation of 2,224 metres, linking the Reuss Valley at the base of Gotthard Mountain in Innertkirchen, Canton of Bern, to Wassen in the Canton of Uri.

As we drove through the valley, the stunning panorama of the Gadmen Valley and the Steinen Glacier came into our view.  The autumn in Switzerland is so amazing! With the weather taking a turn for the better, we decided to pause on the Bernese side of the tunnel, parking at a spacious lot to capture several picturesque moments.

Susten Pass, Switzerland;

4th Day: Zurich

Zurich marked the grand finale of our wonderful 4-day Swiss adventure, strategically positioned as our final stop on the way back to Frankfurt. With an early morning departure from the chalet, we reached Zurich just in time for a delightful lunch.

This city is an absolute gem, with cobblestone streets, charming architecture, and several iconic landmarks. Our exploration led us through the old town, passing by noteworthy structures like Fraumünster, Grossmünster, and the Stadthaus. A stone’s throw away, the Bahnhofstrasse awaited—an shopping boulevard offering a plenty of desirable finds.

Sechseläutenplatz, a square with elegant buildings and offering scenic views of the lake, became a pleasant backdrop for our family stroll. Guiding my toddler in his trolley, we admired the city’s charm through leisurely walks along the river. Zurich’s exploration, we soon discovered, entails a fair amount of walking. For savvy visitors, city cards are available, providing not only free transportation but also discounts at various cultural and recreational facilities—a genuine budget-friendly deal!

Things to do in Zürich

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Our Switzerland itinerary revolved around our accommodation and the convenience of having a car. However, if you have only a few days to explore the country, opting for tours from major cities can be a time-saving choice.


Both Lucerne and Zürich offer a range of accommodations at various price levels. Here are two centrally located hotels in both cities:

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