Magic Coastal Path Camí de Ronda in Salou: a Pleasant Walk for Beach Lovers

The hiking trail Camí de Ronda in Salou described in this post follows the coastline heading South from Llevant Beach, past Capellans Beach and the Cala Llenguadets Cove to the landmark lighthouse in Cap Salou. In addition to the panoramic views along the way, the path passes secluded bays, lively beaches, areas of rocky coastline, some historical buildings, and board walking. It is a different way to discover Cap Salou and some less touristy areas.

Salou is a typical beach holiday resort. And the coastal path Camí de Ronda in Salou is a perfect excursion for families. The entire route is about six kilometres. Since local buses run between Cap Salou and the centre of Salou, you can walk one way and back by bus. During our two weeks of road trip in Spain, we hiked the most part of this trail.

I describe the hiking trail Camí de Ronda in Salou in three sections. The first part starts from the main beach of Salou. The second and third sections are near Cala Font. We did the 3rd track on one day and the rest on the other day.

Platja dels Capellans, beach near Salou, Spain;Camí de Ronda in Salou
Camí de Ronda in Salou, Spain

1st Part: From beach Platja Els pilons to the Playa Dels Llenguadets

The best starting point of the coastal Path Camí de Ronda is the main beach of Salou, Llevant Beach. The promenade Jaume I. along the coast of Salou is broad and easy to walk. Near the Restaurante Los Chicos, past the colourful word ‘Salou’ is where the wooden boardwalk starts. 

The wooden boardwalk leads out to the next beach of Salou, Platja dels Capellans. While the main beach was so busy in the summertime, Capellans beach is small, compared to the main beach of Salou, but less crowdy. There are also a handful of hotels near this beach.

Board walk near Salou, Spain<Camí de Ronda in Salou
Coastal View of Salou, Spain
Rocky coast along the hiking trail Camí de Ronda in Salou, Spain
Path near the hotel Cala Font, Salou Spain
Walk way near Platja dels Capellans, a beach near Salou, Spain

2ed Part: Platja Llarga to Hotel Cala Font 

To cross the Platja Llarga beach area, we chose the top road passing through a vegetation area. You could also walk over the sandy beach directly. At the end of the Platja Llarga beach, the visible white building is the 4-star Hotel Best Negresco, most of whose rooms have sea views. 

Upon this point, the path turns to be uneven. We had to climb up and down continuously along a line of bushes. The footpath through the scrubs is narrow, only allowing one person to pass. Nevertheless, there are several viewpoints where you can take impressive photos.

Further on, several coves are also along the way, for example, Cala Penya Tallada, a scenic cove with dramatic, vegetation-topped cliffs & a small, sandy beach for sunbathing. In front of the Hotel Cala Font, where we stayed for one week during our two-week trip on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, are several coves with small beaches. We could swim from one cove, the Cala de la Vinya, to the other, Cala Font. The water there was warm, about 28°C which is unusual in the summertime. 

Beach in front of Hotel Cala Font, Spain
Rocky coves near Hotel Cala Font, Spain
The footpath through the scrubs near Hotel Best Negresco along Cami de Ronda, Salou Spain
Camí de Ronda in Salou, Spain
The footpath along the cliff hotels near Hotel Best Negresco along Cami de Ronda, Salou Spain

3rd Part: from Cala Font to the Lighthouse of Cap Salou (Far de Salou)

The path from Cala Font toward Cap Salou is on the rocky coast. We could not recognize the trail at first. There isn’t any marked path. Without wearing proper shoes, we could only move carefully towards the Cap Salou while enjoying the view of the vast Mediterranean in a stunningly scenic and photographic place.

It was sultry weather with an air temperature of 34°C. We neither carried enough water nor had proper shoes for the hiking because we underestimated the trail. After a short break and a drink at Platja de la Cala Crancs beach bar, we gave up the hiking shortly before the Cap Salou and drove to the Cap Salou instead. However, because the entire area was lack of parking spaces, we failed to park near the lighthouse. The visitor parking place has only a few slots. It is possible to reach there via the street. But the coastal view is blocked by the trees and houses in the area. 

The path from Cala Font toward Cap Salou is on the rocky coast, Spain
Platja de la Cala Crancs, a beach near Salou Spain

Travel tips for hiking the coastal path Camí de Ronda in Salou

  1. Bring a swimming suit with you if hiking in the summer. You can spend some time on one of the beaches along the way. Most of them have shower places. 
  2. Avoid getting sunburned in the summertime. Most of the path has no shade. 
  3. Wear proper hiking shoes.
  4. Bring enough water and also some cash. Temporary bars on the beaches along the way also sell drinks in the summer season. But some only accept cash.
  5. If you prefer not to stay in the typical beach holiday resort like Salou, you can choose to stay in the Cala Font or Cap Salou areas, about a few kilometres away from the centre of Salou. Local buses operate from Cap Salou to the centre of Salou. The bus company also runs between other towns along the coast. 


  1. Wow all of these beaches look out of a movie! Perfectly blue water, soft looking sand. I would love to have a hike around here – much more motivating than in the mountainside.

  2. Wow! This looks like it was an amazing trip, the beach looks busy but I like that it isn’t overly packed.

  3. The view is simply breath-taking. Imagine waking up to that every morning! What a beautiful destination.

  4. omg this is truly magical! Take me there now!!! I would love to spend a few weeks there, that would be amazing…

  5. This is a perfect place to unwind and just connect with the beauty of nature. I love the beach and taking long walks along the coast is a dream vacation get away for me. You are so lucky to be able to be there is Salou. Wish I could visit that place someday too.

  6. This is exactly what I look for when I go away. I love to walk and it sounds like you saw some beautiful scenery. Taking the bus back might be a good idea though lol.

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