Magic Mont Saint Michel Photo Spots, Brittany France

Are you wondering about the best photo spots to capture the memorable beauty of Mont Saint Michel, a holy island now designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site? Knowing the answer can save you time and energy during your visit.

Mont Saint Michel appears like a mirage in the distance. On a clear day, it is possible to get magnificent sunset views. Inside its medieval walls, the cobbled-stone streets, stone stairs connecting shops and restaurants are typical scenes. And when the night arrives, the dimly lit old buildings impose a mysterious village scene. 

Mont Saint Michel emerges like a mirage on the horizon, offering magnificent sunset views on clear days. Within its medieval walls, you’ll encounter charming cobbled streets and stone stairs connecting various shops and restaurants, creating typical scenes of timeless beauty. As night falls, the softly illuminated old buildings cast a mysterious ambiance over the village.

During our family’s two-week road trip through Brittany, we dedicated nearly two days to exploring the island of Mont Saint Michel. Along the way, we discovered several easily accessible photo spots that everyone can enjoy in a short amount of time.

Mont Saint Michel Photo Spots

Despite the less-than-ideal weather during our visits, I managed to capture some delightful shots from each of the Mont Saint Michel photo spots listed below.

  • On top of the Dam (Barrage Du Mont St. Michel)
  • At the shuttle bus stop in front of the entrance 
  • From the terrace of the Abbey’s entrance
  • The rooftop of the North Tower from the Ramparts (Tour Du Nord)
  • Everywhere on the old walls at the east side
  • Near the shop near Les Lutins at Grand Rue

We went from one spot to the other, and have captured the views of Mont Saint-Michel Abbey, Mont Saint-Michel village, and the Normandy landscape. 

On top of the Dam (Barrage Du Mont St. Michel)

The shuttle bus from the public parking area conveniently stops near the dam. If you’re staying at the Mercure hotel, like we did, it’s just a short walk to reach the Barrage Du Mont St. Michel. Standing atop the dam, Mont St-Michel appears as a floating castle on the sea during high tides. Against the clear sky, capturing a photo with a flock of birds flying by Mont St. Michel creates a picturesque scene.

One of Mont Saint Michel Photo Spots, the floating castle in the distance
One of Mont Saint Michel Photo Spots, the floating castle

At the shuttle bus stop in front of the entrance 

Just by the shuttle bus stops in front of the castle lies one of the prime Mont St. Michel photo spots. From this vantage point, you can capture the entire castle along with its impressive ramparts. As night falls, the castle is beautifully illuminated, providing a night scene that can be captured with the right photo equipment.

From the terrace at the entrance of the Abbey

The terrace right outside the entrance to the Mont Saint Michel Abbey stands as one of the finest photo spots on the island. From here, you’re treated to spectacular views of the bay and the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. Given that the Abbey’s exit is located on the opposite side, it’s a must-visit spot. Don’t forget to capture some shots before you step into the Abbey.

Even on a cloudy day, the terrace offers opportunities for capturing unique and challenging photos.

One of Mont Saint Michel Photo Spots, near the shuttle bus stop
The spectacular views of the bay and the Atlantic ocean from the Mont Saint Michel Abbey's entrance terrace

The rooftop of the North Tower from the Ramparts (Tour Du Nord)

The North Tower, part of the castle walls, is the best place to take in the pretty Normandy views and see folks walking on the bay when the tide is low. It’s also a magical spot to watch the sunset and enjoy nature. The perfect time to visit is in the late afternoon, so you can admire the bay and wait for the sun to set.

Everywhere on the old walls at the east side

The ancient walls, extending from the North Tower to the south, provide a great opportunity for capturing photos of the beautiful Normandy coast and bay views. Unlike the bustling main streets, the walkway on these old walls is less crowded, offering a good chance to snap shots of medieval walls, historic buildings, and the bay.

On a cloudy or stormy day, you can even capture photos with a dramatic effect.

Normandy landscape and the people walking on the bay in the low tides
Old Walls of Mont Saint Michel, Brittany France

Near the shop Les Lutins at Grand Rue

While walking down the bustling Grand Rue, capturing street scenes with a regular camera can be quite challenging. The optimal spot for photographing the street scene, including several timbered houses, is from the walls near the shop Les Lutins.

To get shots of the entrance gate, head down the stairs along the Grand Rue. During the day, the elevated position near Les Lutins provides an excellent perspective for photos. As night falls, you can also capture images of the dimly lit buildings in the area.

One of Mont Saint Michel Photo Spots from the old walls
View of the Normandy coast and the bay views from the old walls of Mont Saint Michel
The entrance gate of Mont Saint Michel seeing from the Grand Rue

Travel tips for visiting all Mont Saint Michel Photo Spots

Stay at least one night near the island

It is a good idea to stay one night near the island and allow yourself to have enough time to take photos. We stayed in Mercure and are satisfied with the location and service. The hotel has a large complex, and the shuttle bus stop is just next to its entrance. 

How to get there

Shuttle bus “Le Passeur” from the new public parking place take everyone to Mont Saint-Michel, about 450 meters from the ramparts. Access to the shuttle bus is free. Travelers can use the following transportation to the area:

  • By plane:  Rennes Airport is the closest airport to Mont Saint Michel, 
  • From Paris-CDG, direct flights from Air France run every day. 
  • By train/bus: The Gare de Pontorson is the closest to Mont Saint-Michel.
  •  From the station, Paris Montparnasse, take the TGV to Rennes and then TER trains to the Gare de Pontorson, where a direct shuttle will take you to Mont Saint-Michel. Please visit the SNCF website for further information.
  • By car: Follow A11 to Chartres – Le Mans – Laval. Then exit towards Fougères and head in the direction of Mont Saint-Michel. Or follow A13 to Rouen, then Caen, and A84 to Mont Saint-Michel. The new parking lot at Mont Saint Michel is open all year. To check the complete price list, please visit the Mont Saint-Michel website. 


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