Montenegro, 8 Days Road Trip Itinerary

The trip to Montenegro took place in December before Christmas. It was our first trip to Balkan peninsular. During the preparation, we tried to understand Montenegro’s history and culture background by reading others’ blogs and tips. Without having any knowledge about this country, we couldn’t enjoy our trip so much. We even tried to learn how to pronounce the names of capital and other locations just in case we had to communicate with the locals.

Budva Old Town Beach, Montenegro
Budva Old Town Beach, Montenegro

The travel guide

Having searched many websites we had still lack of required information. We were told that the WiFi connection situation there was not optimistic and were afraid that we could not check travel information on the fly.  So we bought a Montenegro Travel Guide from Lonely Planet and carried it  with us.  In fact, it was a smart decision that we really relied on the book during the trip as the internet connection was really too slow over there. So make sure you gather enough information with you before visiting there. You can find more Montenegro travel guides online.

Rent a car

The country is not large.  We had selected some must-see sites. In general, the public transportation is not running frequently,  and it also takes time. Some places are only reachable via cars, for example, the old Capital Cetinje and the mausoleum in Lovćen.  In order to save traveling time, we decided to rent a car.

Mogren Beach

Where to stay

Most of the places we would like to explore were along the Adriatic coasts and the Kotor Bay. So we booked 7 nights in Montenegro’s  first 5-star hotel Regent in Tivat. It is so elegant and is equipped with SPA. The gourmet breakfasts and buffets are just unforgettable. The good thing is that it includes free car parking as well during our stay.

We liked this hotel very much.  It also offers wonderful tea times in the afternoon as well. it is family friendly as well as a good place for a weekend escape. There are some budget hotels in the area as well . During the summer holiday seasons, you should better book well ahead.  Please check the following platform for a good offer.

How to get there

In December we could not find any flight to Tivat but to Podgorica by Montenegro Airlines. Nevertheless we were totally satisfied with Montenegro Airlines. It offered very good board service during the two hours flying. Having booked our flight and hotel, we were able to finalized our itinerary. I have made many pictures for our trip and published the pictures in Instagram. 

Montenegro road trip itinerary

Day 1

Our Montenegro road trip started from Frankfurt am Main by taking Montenegro Airlines to Podgorica. Having got our car at the Airport, we drove straight to our first hotel.

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Day 2

Before we headed to our hotel in Tivat, we had a short walk around the Millennium Bridge. And then we took the route via M2.3 and headed to our hotel in Tivat.

About my impression of the capital, please read my post: Podgorica, What is My First Impression of Montenegro’s Capital

Spectacular View of Lovćen national park.

Day 3

The 3rd day was sunny with an air temperature of 18°C.  Longing to see the sun-kissed Adriatic coast we got up early and set off to the first place of the day, Jaz beach. Then we stopped at Mogren beach and Budva Old Town Beach and spent some good time at the Adriatic coast.

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Day 4

We planned this day for the Old Capital Cetinje and the Mausoleum in Lovćen. On the way back to our hotel, we discovered another route by driving back via Kotor Serpentine. The road has many hairpin turns.

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Day 5

We went to one of the best kept medieval towns along the Adriatic coast, Kotor. Inspired by the views over the Kotor Bay and the old town, we challenged the 1400 steps from the upper city wall.

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Day 6

We drove around the Kotor Bay and visited the best town in Kotor Bay, Perast. This a remote village with sad stories and beautiful scenes.

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Day 7

According to our plan we spent a day in Budva. It was an hour drive from Tivat to Budva. But In the late afternoon, we were so surprised to see the sunset view.

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Day 8

Having spent 7 nights in Tivat, we took a walk in this modern town. The most beautiful part of Tivat is the Port Montenegro. Specially, having seen other remote villages and old walled towns, Tivat represents a new era of Montenegro.

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Tivat Harbour

Suggested Tours

There are some nice tours for Kotor or from Dubrovnik. The tours are designed for the tourists who like to combine their visit with Montenegro. If you have only one day or two days, then these tours are probably the best choices.

If you come from Dubrovnik,  the tour Montenegro Day Trip from Dubrovnik is suitable for you. Within an hour of driving distance from the city of Dubrovnik, the Montenegro coast offers excellent natural scenes and many great historical places. The tour includes Kotor and Budva etc.  Please check here for the further details.

Alternatively, you can take the Perast Old Town and Our Lady of the Rock Boat Tour . This tour starts from Kotor.  Itincludes Montenegro’s most popular attractions, the Lady of the Rock and Perast, a UNESCO Heritage protected old town. Please check here for further details.


  1. We love road trips. I’m just windering if you drive on the left or right and how safe did you feel driving. The freedom must have been awesome. Thanks for the post.

  2. Montenegro has been on my list for a while, it looks lovely! Thanks for all the detailed tips, I especially like the look of Lovćen National Park which I’d never heard of before.

  3. It seems like Montenegro is becoming a more popular spot! My friends visited for a wedding and others are going for their honeymoon. Looks so beautiful!

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