Podgorica, What is My impression of Montenegro’s Capital

Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, is the first stop of our Montenegro road trip. We took Montenegro Airlines from Frankfurt am Main to Podgorica. It was the first time for us to take this airline. The service of Montenegro Airline was good, and they also offered us a simple supper. Besides, the aircraft was still very new, and its seats were comfortable. Shortly before landing, we were welcomed by the warm sunset view outside the window.

Sunset in Podgorica

A neat and clean Podgorica Airport

When we landed at Podgorica Airport, there were neither other passengers, nor staff in sight, nor border control. Shortly after we went into the empty hall, our luggage came via a very short belt. Within a few minutes, all passengers took their pieces of luggage and disappeared into the darkness. Most of them were locals.

We had to pick up our rental car. At the counter, there was one staff waiting for us. After we picked up our car from him, he left the airport immediately. The whole airport was empty again, with no single staff and passenger.

The airport is not far from Podgorica city center. The distance is around 10 kilometers. We just followed E80 and drove straight towards Podgorica. Within a few minutes, we arrived at our hotel.

Montenegro Airlines, Podgorica Airport

Guest oriented hotel staff

After check-in, we rushed to the dining room and took a nice corner to rest ourselves. But the friendly waiters right away asked us to move to other seats, because the ceiling above our sitting place was leaking. Above the dining room, the swimming pool had a leaking problem.

We were afraid that the whole ceiling would collapse at any time. But the waiters assured us that this would not happen. They tried to divert our upset by introducing their menu of the day. When a few business travelers arrived and started chatting and drinking, the whole dining room became lively.

When we were back to our hotel room, we felt so chilly. The heating was not working. Since the night temperature was low, the hotel staff hurried to prepare another room for us.

However, after another 30 minutes of heating the second room, we still felt cold. This time, a balcony door was unable to be closed properly. The cold air came in straight from the door gap. The hotel staff could not find another standard room for us. They quickly decided to upgrade us to a suite. Nearly all hotel staff who worked that evening were involved in this unexpected event. Finally, around midnight we were able to touch the soft pillows.

Morača River

Podgorica, a 2000-year old town in ruin

The second day of our Montenegro road trip was to explore Podgorica. Before we headed to our hotel in Tivat, we had a short walk around the Millennium Bridge. There was no sign-posted parking place, so we just parked roadside near the bridge.

The Millennium Bridge is located on the west side of Podgorica City Centre and is in modern style compared to surrounding buildings. The official name of the bridge is Most Milenijum. It is interesting to know that the English word “Most” refers to “Bridge” in the local language. Next to Most Milenijum, it is a pedestrian bridge which is called Moskovski Most.

Both Most Milenijum and Moskovski Most cross the Morača river. Some buildings in the surrounding area were fall. Many tall buildings were from the communist era.

Moskovski Most

Good traffic connection

Podgorica has a good location and traffic connection with the south and the hinterland. The shortest distance between Podgorica and Tivat is around 87 kilometers. According to our navigation system, it should take less than two hours to be there. Being uncertain of the road condition and unfamiliar with driving in this country, we decided to leave the capital earlier than planned.

Luckily, the duel-carriage road M2.3 is in well-maintained condition. However, when passing by local villages and towns, some roads were in less good condition. Nevertheless, during the off-season, there was less traffic on the road. We arrived in the late afternoon, and the hotel staff welcomed us warmly.

Travel tips


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