Beaches on the Adriatic Coast, the Allure of Montenegro

The beaches on Adriatic Coast have enchanted beach-lovers for centuries. The entire Montenegro coastline is stunningly scenic. Beaches, old villages, and islands spread over the coastline. Therefore, on the 3rd day of our winter Montenegro road trip, we spent a day to several beaches on the Adriatic coast.

The Beaches on the Adriatic Coast

Beaches on the Adriatic Coast have their unique features. In the mild winter climate, these beaches were perfect places to walk.

  • Jaz Beach with a magnificent open sea view
  • The secluded Mogren Beach
  • Richard’s Head Beach next to the walls of Budva old town
  • The Villa Molicer dominated Molicer Beach
  • Sveti Stefan Beach, with beautiful views of the Sveti Stefan island

Jaz Beach with a magnificent open sea view

The beach has magnificent open sea views. The forested hill extends to the sea gently. The deep-blue water and light blue sky form the perfect contrast. It is like a large cove with a mixture of pebbles and sands.

The whole beach is over a kilometre long. In summer, there are beach chairs and umbrellas for hire. But there are also free areas for you to set up your towels. This beach is great for kids. You can hire paddle boats, kayaks, and jet skis too. However, in winter, there was no single tourist and no single activity in sight.

Jaz Beach Montenegro

The secluded Mogren Beach

We spotted Mogren Beach from a roadside abandoned house. Mogren beach consists of two sandy beaches connected by a short tunnel. Only 200m from the old town, the two beaches are easily reachable by a pedestrian walkway from the old town Budva.

The beach has medium grain sand and has no single building. In winter, this part of the Adriatic coast has a deserted status.

Mogren Beach Montenegro

Richard’s Head Beach next to the walls of Budva old town

From the abandoned house, we could also see Richard’s Head beach next to the old walls of Budva. The beach got its name from the actor Richard Widmark, who filmed ‘The Long Ships’ in Budva in 1964.

Other than the Richard’s Head Beach, Budva has several beaches around, for example, Pizana, a 50m stretch of beach at the end of the Budva marina. Or Slovenska Plaza, which is the largest of the Budva beaches. It is 1.6km long and runs the whole length of the town from the marina to Dukley Gardens.

Richard's Head Beach, Budva

The Villa Molicer dominated Molicer Beach

We continued driving along E65 and passed Przno. The car parking is outside of Przno. Followed the coastal path, we headed to Sveti Stefan island. You can identify the walking path on a map presented on an information board.

On the board, a text is written: “We kindly ask you to use only roads and pathways designated for public use. All other ways are private.” We had to follow the sign-post to avoid walking on the private ground. The round walk includes an upper path and a lower path. On the way to Sveti Stefan island, we took the lower walkway.

The first sight we passed is Villa Molicer. Vila Molicer is a 5-Star hotel surrounded by a wooded area. In front of this hotel, it is the flat Molicer Beach. There is a short tunnel not far from the hotel. It leads to where the boat parks. From Villa Molicer, we headed south towards Sveti Stefan island. Along the wooded path, we had glimpses of coastal views.

Milicer Beach, Adriatic Coast

Hiking Trail near Sveti Stefan Beach, Adriatic Coast

Sveti Stefan Beach, with beautiful views of the Sveti Stefan island

At the end of the walkway, there is an eatery called Olive Café near the Sveti Stefan beach. With beautiful views of the Sveti Stefan island and beach, the café restaurant has a perfect position.

When we entered the restaurant, a group of wedding guests was just ready to leave. Though it was past lunchtime, the waiters were still stand-by for taking orders. Our stomachs were rumbling, so we decided to eat there. Tasting the delicious food and soaking in the sunshine were the best choice for our break.

In the late afternoon, we planned to visit the little jewel of the sea Sveti Stefan. It was an island but now links to the mainland by a narrow piece of land. Unfortunately, the island was closed to the public. It is now a luxury hotel and only open to hotel guests.

On the beach, there were no waves to be seen. We walked around the beach to enjoy sunbaths and breathed the sea breeze for the rest of the afternoon. On the way back to the parking place, we took the upper coastal path.

Sveti Stefan Beach and Island, Adriatic Coast, Montenegro

Where to stay on Adriatic Coast

The entire coastline is full of tourist resorts. Therefore, there are plenty of accommodations near Budva and along the coastline. In winter, however, many of them were closed.

Some of the great choices are:


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