The Best Historic Hotels in Cote d’Azur

Each of the best historic hotels on Cote d’Azur has a unique presence and rich historical background. Beyond mere luxury, these establishments offer a glimpse into the storied past of Cote d’Azur. Staying in one of these hotels provides a remarkable opportunity to immerse yourself in the region’s captivating history.

This curated list exclusively features 5-star hotels. I fondly recall my five-day stay at the InterContinental Carlton in Cannes, where I enjoyed the luxury without breaking the bank. Keep an eye on the occasional promotions; 5-star hotels often present reasonable room rates as part of their marketing strategies. So, if you’re planning a visit soon, regularly check for their enticing offers.

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The Dream Historic Hotels on Cote d’Azur

Several historic hotels on Cote d’Azur have earned the status of local landmarks. Even if you don’t have accommodations booked, consider dropping in for a meal or a cup of coffee at their bars or restaurants. Exploring these hotels is truly worthwhile if you find yourself in the vicinity. Now, allow me to introduce you to the captivating historic hotels on Cote d’Azur:

La Chèvre d’Or Eze

In the heart of the Eze Village, this dream hotel has an interesting history. Back in 1953, the visionary Robert Wolf, fell in love with the Château de La Chèvre d’Or, transformed the chateau into a restaurant. Local tales recount how Walt Disney convinced Wolf to acquire additional houses, subsequently converting them into hotel rooms.

Today, La Chèvre d’Or Eze sprawls across a cluster of houses scattered throughout the medieval village. It has 45 rooms and suites alongside a two Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant. The hotel’s gardens resemble an open-air museum, full of sculptures, fountains, waterfalls, flowers, herbs, trees, and shrubs.

Tranquil terraces provide serene spots for relaxation, each offering an incredible view over the Mediterranean and sun-kissed hillsides. A stay at this hotel promises to be one of the most romantic retreats you’ll ever encounter.

Chateau de la Chevre d'Or

Chateau Eza

Chateau Eza fondly known as the Castle of the Prince of Sweden, has a history dating back 400 years within the ancient city walls of Eze Village. After extensive restorations during the recent years have impeccably preserved the Chateau Eza, restoring it to its original grandeur during the era of the Prince of Sweden.

The hotel’s 14 intimate rooms and suites are uniquely spread across various buildings. As you wander through the narrow village streets, numerous entrances reveal the charm of these accommodations. Each room offers private balconies and terraces, providing guests with impressive views overlooking the Mediterranean.

Dining at the Chateau Eza Restaurant is an exquisite experience, with epic vistas stretching across the sun-kissed French Riviera. The restaurant specializes in à la carte French and Mediterranean cuisine. For those planning a delightful dinner, it’s advisable to secure reservations well in advance!

Chateau Eza

InterContinental Carlton Cannes 

Over a century ago, Grand Duke Michael of Russia, who envisioned the construction of a golf course in Mandelieu-La-Napoule, generously financed the establishment of the Carlton Hotel in Cannes. In the late 19th century, this hotel attracted numerous members of the Russian aristocracy, establishing itself as a pivotal force in shaping the high society of Cannes.

Not just a haven for luxury, the Carlton is steeped in cinematic history. Alfred Hitchcock chose it as a location for ‘To Catch A Thief,’ starring Grace Kelly and Cary Grant. In homage to its film ties, the prestigious suites bear the names of legendary stars like Cary Grant and Alain Delon. The grandest suite pays tribute to Sean Connery, the iconic British Agent 007.

In 1982, the hotel joined the InterContinental Group, evolving into the InterContinental Carlton Cannes. Today, it serves as a venue for various events, from weddings and meetings to anniversaries.

The hotel has many rooms and suites with different standards to offer. When I stayed in this hotel, we were lucky to have a room with a partial view of the Mediterranean. And I remember that the breakfast had many varieties, including my favourite Sashimi and macaroons.

With a diverse range of rooms and suites, the hotel offers different standards to cater to various preferences. During my stay, we were fortunate to have a room with a partial view of the Mediterranean. I fondly recall the breakfast spread, featuring a delightful array, including my personal favorites – Sashimi and macaroons.

Hotel Negresco Nice

Negresco, a Belle Époque masterpiece, stands proudly as a historic national monument. weaving more than a century of French history into its elegant architecture. This massive building, gracing the graceful curve of the Promenade des Anglais, is easily distinguished by its distinctive pink dome, a beacon along the seafront stroll.

The hotel owns an extensive collection of invaluable contemporary artworks and furniture spanning various eras, from dedicated Louis XVI salons to avant-garde Street Art rooms. Undoubtedly, this five-star establishment serves as a vibrant vision of French culture, offering guests a profound immersion into the essence of the French way of life.

Within the realm of Negresco, both parents and children are treated with regal hospitality. Families can choose one of the specially designed family rooms, while couples seeking a romantic escape can stay in the luxury of exceptional suites equipped with unique furnishings. Take the Montserrat Caballé Suite, for instance, where the bedroom has a Louis XV writing desk and two lamps crafted in Sèvres porcelain.

Château de la Messardière

Constructed in the 19th century, the Château once belonged to horseman Henry Brisson de la Messardière and young artist-musician Louise Dupuy Angeac. They had a splendid life until Henry’s passing. Faced with financial struggles after his death, Louise turned the Chateau into lodgings for esteemed guests. Unfortunately, due to her challenges in managing the estate, the Chateau fell into disrepair.

In 1989, the Chateau underwent a restoration supervised by the chief architect of historical monuments, J.C. Rochette. Subsequently, in 1992, a French group acquired the property and transformed it into a luxurious Saint‑Tropez hotel.

Perched on a hillside, the hotel is conveniently close to Saint‑Tropez’s center and Pampelonne beaches. The rooms and suites at Château de la Messardière offer panoramic views of Saint‑Tropez. Guests can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the botanical footpath, while the Mediterranean garden, filled with the fragrances of typical Provençal and Mediterranean flora, offers a delightful place for a walk.

Chateau Eza

Royal Riviera Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

Over a century ago, in 1904, the luxurious hotel welcomed guests under the name Panorama Palace, hosting notable figures like the American dancer Isadora Duncan and Russian composer Prokofiev. In 1914, it took on a noble cause, serving as a school for war orphans and allied Serb refugees escaping the forces of Austria and Germany.

At the end of the 20th century, the hotel underwent a transformative renovation, gaining a new identity and style. The design of Royal Riviera Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat now highlights the Mediterranean character, offering utmost convenience and comfort to its guests.

With a total of 94 rooms and suites, 78 located in the main building, the hotel’s design reflects the landscape and colours of southern France. Most rooms overlook the sheer blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Relaxing with a book and a cup of tea in the heart of its magnificent garden is a joyful experience.

Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo

Originally a modest inn, the hotel has undergone a remarkable evolution to become one of Monaco’s most contemporary and luxurious accommodations. Its striking façade features an Italian-style loggia inspired by the Princess of Monaco’s Palace, designed by renowned French architects in a neo-classical style that includes Eiffel’s stained-glass window in the winter garden and a banqueting hall reminiscent of the Grand Trianon of Louis XIV in Versailles.

The modern rooms have belle-époque interiors, combining comfort with subtle elegance. Recognized with many awards, including the title of Luxury Romantic Hotel from the World Luxury Hotel Awards in 2010, the hotel continues to impress.

Furthermore, Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo is home to the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Vistamar and has the best hotel spa in Europe. Families visiting can benefit from a range of services tailored for children.

Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat

Nestled within a natural park and sitting on a pristine waterfront, this hotel’s roots trace back to the late 1800s when the peninsula of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat was a wild expanse. King Leopold II of Belgium, attracted by its uniqueness, acquired the land and surrounding areas in stages.

In 1895, King Leopold sold a portion of this beautiful landscape, paving the way for the construction of the opulent Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat. Opening its doors in 1908, the luxury hotel quickly became a magnet for elite international figures and royalty, especially from England and Russia, primarily as a winter retreat. Only when a group of writers and artists explored the French Riviera in the summer did the hotel broaden its appeal to sun-seekers and adventurers.

Briefly closed during World War II, the Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat resumed its tradition of hosting prominent guests post-war, including luminaries like Winston Churchill, Aristotle Onassis, and Elizabeth Taylor.

Beyond its storied past, the hotel offers family-oriented services. Guests can enjoy various amenities, and the hotel park stands as one of the premier stargazing spots on the French Riviera.

Where do you want to stay during your next visit to Cote d’Azur

The historic hotels on the Cote d’Azur narrate the tales of the French Riviera. Staying in one of these establishments ensures a cosy retreat and crafts enduring holiday recollections. So, which historic hotel on the Cote d’Azur piques your interest for an unforgettable stay?

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