Epic Things to Do in Eze Village, an Enchanting Place on the Côte d’ Azur

Being a medieval hilltop village on the Côte d’ Azur and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the list of things to do in Eze Village can be quite long. Eze Village is a place that always attracts me so much. As long as I am around the area, I will go there to spend a couple of hours. And I can always find different things to do in Eze Village.

It is also convenient to reach this hilltop village from a major city such as Nice. Eze Village is such a famous holiday destination that many numerous tour operators offer the tour to the place with various combinations:

sweeping views of the Mediterranean coast on top of the botanic garden

Things to do in Eze Village

Eze Village is small but full of touristic features. Things to do in Eze Village include:

  • Lost in the beautiful narrow alleys
  • Search souvenirs in the shops and galleries
  • Take photos of the green façades
  • Chase the scent of Perfume
  • Have a meal in a Restaurant
  • Explore the exotic garden (Jardin Botanique d’Eze)
  • Watch the stunning views
  • Admire the church of Eze Village (Église d’Èze)
  • Hike the Nietzsche path
  • Celebrate a special day in Chateau Eza

Lost in the beautiful narrow Alleys

Eze Village has some of the most beautiful narrow alleys in Provençal Villages. Unlike in other villages, in Eze Village, the centre part of the main lanes has the pavement in rows of red tiles, which provide orientation to the visitors.

I can spend hours following the staircases up and down, turn left and right into secrete corners. The narrow alleys connect centuries-old stone houses beautified by sublime detailing, exquisite wrought-iron lamps, pastel shutters glittering in the sun rays, full of medieval ambience.

I have been to many Provençal Villages and love these narrow alleys. The highlights of the narrow alleys, such as the plants that climbing up the facades, the doorways, the colourful shutters, contribute to a unique scene of the Provençal scene. One of the reasons that attracts me going back so often is the view of those narrow alleys.

Narrow Alleys in Eze Village, Provence France
narrow alleys in Provence; narrow street in Eze

Search souvenirs in the boutiques

Most of the fortified stone houses are luxury hotels or boutiques. One of the best things to do in Eze village is to go into the shops, boutiques, and galleries. They sell things such as porcelains, sweets, aromatics, jewelry, homewares, and hand-made items. The wide price range of those products will fit every budget. Besides, the colourful displays and the delightful windows add more charisma to the winding alleys.

Take photos of green façades

Some of the historical buildings have green plant facades. In hot summer, the green facades help keep the village’s climate cooler. While in the winter, the plant facades attract sunshine. The climbing plants decorate the facades of the stone houses and make the whole scene lively, especially during the blooming periods.

The narrow alleys have less space for usual plants, but the climbing plants require less ground space, thus they are ideal for the village.

Day trip to Eze Village;Things to Do in Eze Village; Narrow Alley in Eze Village
Things to Do in Eze Village; The green façades in Eze Village France

Chase the scent of Perfume

Two of Provence’s top perfume houses, Fragonard and Galimard from Grasse, have boutiques and workshops in Eze. Ever since the first time I used them, I have changed my favourite to their perfumes. Over the years, I always buy their products when I am in Nice, Grasse, or Eze.

If you have no time to visit the world perfume capital of Grasse, you can join a free factory tour in one of the two perfume houses in Eze. Besides, you can also sample some products before you buy. To check the scheduled tours, read their websites at Fragonard or Galimard.

Beautiful Stone Houses in Eze Village France;Things to Do in Eze Village
Things to Do in Eze Village; Narrow Street in Eze Village

Have a meal in a Restaurant

Some restaurants have sea views from their terraces. While others set in a cosy atmosphere. Most of them offer a wide range of Mediterranean dishes. Slow down you pace and enjoy a meal before your next stop. My top picks are:

 Creperie Le Cactus

The restaurant is at the entrance of the Eze Village, right behind the arched gate. It offers delicious crepes and ice-cream. I ate there twice. The restaurant is so popular that it is always busy.

Le Nid d’Aigle

This restaurant has a shady cozy terrace to have a meal on a hot summer day. It offers various Mediterranean dishes at moderate prices.

Chateau Eza Restaurant

The Chateau Eza Restaurant belongs to Chateau Eza Hotel. It has epic vistas over the Cote d’Azur. The gourmet restaurant serves à la carte French and Mediterranean cuisine. Its menu starts from something around 100 Euros. And, if you want to have dinner there, book well in advance!

Explore the exotic garden (Jardin Botanique d’Eze)

The Exotic Garden of Eze is on the site of a medieval fortress, perched 429 metres above the Mediterranean Sea. The panorama from the garden offers jaw-dropping views of the French Riviera extending to the Esterel Mountains and the Gulf of Saint Tropez.

The gardens showcase numerous species of succulent plants and xerophytes from all the continents, as well as a variety of local species. The garden pathways go spiral up. Along the path, information about Eze’s artistic and historical heritage gives visitors a real feel for the past of this exceptional site.

You can also see Chateau Eza and its open clifftop terrace from the garden. Take a rest at the castle ruin and enjoy the grand views.

the church of Eze Village (Église d’Èze)
Things to Do in Eze Village;ardin Botanique d’Eze

Watch the stunning views 

Between Nice and Monaco, the tiny perched Eze Village sits atop a hill at 430 metres above the Mediterranean coast. It has possibly the best views over the French Riviera! One place to see the sweeping views of the Mediterranean coast is on top of the botanic garden. Besides, some hotels or restaurants have terraces or rooms at the cliff side providing guests with spectacular views.

Admire the church of Eze Village (Église d’Èze)

The bright ochre church of Eue Village is a neo-classical 18th-century building, is dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption. The best view of the church is from the botanical garden, where I can see the two-story square tower standing up from the lower houses.   

Hike the Sentier Friedrich-Nietzche

If you are looking for challenging activities, you can hike the Sentier Friedrich-Nietzche path that connects Eze Village to Eze Sur Mer beach. The hiking trail has the name after the famous German philosopher Friedrich-Nietzsche.

The hiking trail is a steep and strenuous path. It is easier to hike down the route than climbing up. You can take the bus to Eze Village and walk down to the beach, where the train station and bus stops are nearby.

Sentier Friedrich-Nietzche

Celebrate a special day in Chateau Eza

Chateau Eza, also referred to as the Castle of the Prince of Sweden, was built 400 years ago within the ancient city walls of the 9th-century village of Eze. The hotel has 14 intimate rooms and suites. From private balconies and terraces, guests have impressive views over the Mediterranean. The Chateau Eza’s Gourmet restaurant mentioned above overlooks the sun-kissed horizons of the French Riviera.

Rooms are not in the same building since they used to be single homes. After extensive restorations, the Chateau Eza has the appearance as it had at the time of the Prince of Sweden.

Being one of the upscale hotels on the French Riviera, the room rates are very high. But it could be the perfect venue to celebrate your special day or anniversary.

Narrow Alleys in Eze Village
sweeping views of the Mediterranean coast on top of the botanic garden

Where to stay

It is worth taking a couple of days there since there are enough things to do in Eze Village. The village has a handful of hotels, from luxury to budget level.

Hôtel Les Terrasses D’eze

Set in the hills of Èze, the mid-range hotel offers a panoramic sea view and a seasonal infinity swimming pool.

Château de La Chèvre d’Or

The 5-star hotel is in the middle of Eze Village in a timeless setting. Over the years, different owners have continued increasing the number of rooms scattered through the medieval village.

Today Château de La Chèvre d’Or has 45 rooms and suites. It has a spa and wellness section, and in particular, it has a two Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant. It is also a wedding and events venue.

How to get there

By bus

From Nice, take the 82 or 112, and from Monaco, take the 112. Both buses stop at Eze Village.

By train

The coastal trains also stop at the Èze-sur-Mer on the coast. From there, you can hike Sentier Friedrich-Nietzche up to the village. Near the train station, there is also a bus bringing tourists to Eze Village.

By Car

Follow M6007, Moyenne Corniche, to Eze-Village. There is public parking outside the village. There is also car parking right near the tourist information center. But during the summer months, it is difficult to get a parking space there.

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