Treetop Trail in Bad Harzburg, Germany

Treetop Trail in Bad Harzburg is a project about the surrounding nature. Visitors can gain an insight into the fascinating flora and fauna of the northern highlands of Germany. Bad Harzburg is also a spa town in Germany’s Harz Mountains. Our family visited the site during our 5-day Harz Mountains trip.

Swing bridge along the treetop trail in Bad Harzburg, Germany
Fun on the Swing Bridge

Information about Treetop Trail in Bad Harzburg

The treetop trail is a wood and steel structure. Along the 1,000-metre path, visitors can get so close to the treetop and stand among the dense canopy of leaves. The walking trail passes the Radau, a tributary of the Oker River and the Kalten valley. It is suitable for all ages and people with disabilities.

The treetop trail in Bad Harzburg starts from a giant wooden and oval steel structure. The barrier-free path leads through the treetops at an altitude of over 20 metres. It is broad and sturdy enough, and therefore should not be an issue for those who are afraid of heights.

Treetop Trail in Bad Harzburg, Germany's Harz Mountains
The treetop trail in Bad Harzburg starts from a giant wooden and oval steel structure.
Start point of the Treetop Trail in Bad Harzburg, Germany

Things to do on the walking trail

Treetop Trail in Bad Harzburg

Across the 18 platforms and bridges, visitors will discover 52 various exploration elements, rest stations, and entertaining facts.

The stations display wooden models of animals, people, and plants. It is an educational trail where children can do the quizzes, read interesting facts, listen to the audio boxes. Children can have fun while learning loads of interesting information, such as the Big Bang, the functions of the forest, the raccoons that first come from North America and only became native to the Harz a few decades ago.

The things we like the most are the glass platform and the swing bridge. The glass viewing platform on the 26 metres high is a photo hotspot. The swing bridge provides fun for the children. But visitors can avoid the swing bridge by walking via the flat path. 

One of the stations is a small kiosk selling snacks. But there is no toilet along the treetop trail.

Valley walking trail

The Treetop Trail in Bad Harzburg is a one-way trail. At the end of the path, visitors have to walk back via the valley. The valley trail is a very idyllic path as well. It passes a picturesque pond and several play corners for kids. 

Treetop Mini kiosk station
Treetop Trail in Bad Harzburg, Germany's Harz Mountains

Combine with other activities

Visitors can combine the visit of the Tree Top Trail with a ride on the Castle Hill cable car. At the exit of the treetop trail, visitors can hike up the hill and visit the castle ruin, then take the cable car down. 

Or, from the castle ruin, take the BaumSchwebeBahn gliding down the castle hill to the back of the treetop path and then walk down.  

The idyllic valley trail beneath the Treetop Trail in Bad Harzburg
BaumSchwebeBahn in Bad Harzburg, Germany's Harz Mountain'

Travel tips

Where to stay

Bad Harzburg is a holiday base for family holidaymakers and adventure travelers. It is a perfect hiking area. Adventure Mini Golf, High Rope Courses, Märchenwald, etc., are ideal locations for families with children. So, there are many accommodations in the area. Here are a few good choices:

Map of the Treetop Trail in Bad Harzburg, Germany's Harz Mountains
the cable car valley station (Burgbergbahn) in Bad Harzburg

How to get there

By road: From the direction of Goslar/Wernigerode, please enter the address Nordhäuser Str. 2 into your navigation device. Visitors can park either at the tourist information office (Nordhäuser Str. 4) or a car park around 5 minutes walk from the ticket office (Nordhäuser Str. 12). There is also a parking area dedicated to RVs (Wohnmobil-Stellplatz on the map below).

Public transportation: Bad Harzburg has a train station which is about 25 minutes of walking to the treetop trail. Besides, bus lines of the KVG 873 and 871 go directly to the Burgbergbahn (cable car valley station).

The ticket sales are located directly in the BurgBergCenter at the cable car valley station.

Epic Excursion in East Germany: Treetop Walking in Bad Harzburg
Family Excursion: Treetop Trail in Bad Harzburg, Germany
Treetop Walking in the Harz Mountzain, Germany

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