Atrani’s Scenic Surprise: The Exclusive Hiking Trail from Amalfi

Atrani, a charming fishing village, is intimately connected to its elegant neighbor, Amalfi Old Town. Despite its petite size of 0.12 km² and a population of around 1000 residents, it owns the title of the smallest village in Italy. Atrani’s unique charm lies in its isolation from the main road traffic, protected by houses stacked one upon the other. This isolation has beautifully preserved its ancient character as a quaint fishing village.

Much like other villages along the Amalfi coast, Atrani has steep streets, narrow alleys, and picturesque houses. Surprisingly, many tourists tend to overlook this hidden gem when exploring the Amalfi Coast. After parking our car in the Luna Rossa parking house, which connects Amalfi Old Town and Atrani, we accidentally discovered this hidden village. While most tourists reach Atrani via SS163, we discovered a unique route atop the parking house – a cliff walkway leading to Atrani. This scenic path turned out to be the best way to explore the beauty of Atrani.

A panoramic view of the Atrani village; Amalfi coast itinerary
Lost in the narrow alleys of Atrani
View from the cliff walk from Amalfi to Atrani, Italy

During our 8-day Amalfi Coast adventure, we managed to explore both Amalfi and Atrani in a single day. Let me share our Atrani hiking experience, breaking it down into distinct sections:

  • Start hiking from the cliff
  • The hidden viewpoint before entering the Atrani’s alleyways
  • Zig-Zag down to the village centre
  • Have lunch at Piazza Umberto, the main square
  • The small beach of Atrani
  • Walk back to Amalfi

Start hiking from the cliff

Inside the Luna Rossa parking house, a lengthy tunnel offers exits to both Atrani and Amalfi. Opting for the Atrani direction, we discovered that the elevator primarily served the residents, requiring a small fee for tourists like us. Once inside, the elevator whisked us to the top of the rocks, revealing a captivating coastal walkway.

As we stepped out of the elevator, the view in front of us was truly stunning! The sea glistened with a jewel-blue hue, and the sky draped itself like a silk curtain. A pristine white cruise ship patiently awaited passengers from its tender boat, stationed far out at sea. Down beneath the cliff, gentle waves gracefully crawled towards the shore. Shielding my eyes from the radiant daylight, I allowed the sun to toast my skin. It was a heartwarming moment!

Luna Rossa parking house
Ocean view in front of the elevator

The hidden view point before entering the Atrani’s alleyways

As we strolled along the well-paved stone track of the cliff walkway, the gently descending path treated us to continuous, breathtaking views of the sea. On the left side, charming houses and courtyards remained hidden behind thick stone walls. Located within easy walking distance of Amalfi and a short drive from Ravello, it felt like an ideal retreat from the bustling crowds of the Amalfi Coast.

Not far from Via Don Guglielmo, near the Eva Rooms, we discovered an unofficial viewpoint with a different perspective of the coastal scenery. Whether it belonged to a hotel or the residents’ courtyard was unclear, but we could easily spot it from the cliff walkway. Descending a few steps led us to a small platform.

From this vantage point, we enjoyed a panoramic view of Atrani village clinging to the cliff face, directly above the sea. The entire Santa Maria Maddalena Church and its adjacent bell tower came into view. The beach below appeared peacefully unoccupied.

A panoramic view of the Atrani village; Amalfi coast itinerary
Lost in the narrow alleys of Atrani
View from the cliff walk from Amalfi to Atrani, Italy

Zig-Zag down to the village centre

A cascade of houses

Following Via Don Guglielmo, we effortlessly immersed ourselves in the charm of Atrani’s winding alleyways. This residential area included as a cascade of houses, each connected by steep steps, covered passageways, arches, tiny gardens, and charming mini squares—each element impeccably preserved.

Steep steps

Navigating through the steep steps often led to interesting crossings, where decisions on the next route had to be made. Some alleys turned out to be dead-ends, prompting us to retrace our steps and explore alternative directions. These narrow passageways, while not extensive, offered continuous surprises, forcing us to make turns after just a few steps. As my family moved ahead, I found myself engaged in a game of hide-and-seek, adding a layer of enjoyment to our exploration.

Benches for relaxing

Amidst the labyrinth, we discovered benches strategically placed in various passageways, providing perfect spots for relaxation. While seated, we observed a jogger navigating the steep steps, exchanging friendly greetings with a hearty “ciao!”

Unknown streets on the Google map

Despite our reliance on Google Maps, we found several unmarked streets not featured on the digital guide. However, this minor setback did little to hinder our progress, and eventually, we exited at Via Campo, finding ourselves in the charming Piazza Umberto I.

The enchanting beauty of Atrani’s alleyways
The narrow street meets the Via San Sebastiano, which extends to Via Torricella.

Have a lunch at Piazza Umberto, the main square

In contrast to bustling Amalfi, Atrani has a limited selection of restaurants and bars, primarily clustered around the quaint square. Our lunchtime choice led us to Ristorante Savo.

Italian food is simple but incredibly tasty. The quality and the freshness are the secrets behind culinary excellence. Our random selection at Ristorante Savo turned out to be a delightful surprise. The Sea Bass in lemon and the cheese-steamed eggplant were of superb quality and flavour. And, the Nougat ice-cream decorated with caramelized sugar was just the perfect dessert to complete my three-course lunch. The friendly waiter, donning a perpetual smile, added the welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant.

The Nougat ice-cream decorated with caramelized sugar was just the perfect dessert to complete my three-course lunch.
The entrance to the church of San Salvatore de Birecto is found in the Piazza Umberto I.

Seated on the terrace, we watched the passers-by as we savoured the delectable dishes. The square’s surrounding shops predominantly catered to locals, creating an authentic atmosphere. Piazza Umberto I also revealed the entrance to the Church of San Salvatore de Birecto, adding historical charm to the vibrant scene.

The small beach of Atrani

The charming Piazza Umberto I in Atrani seamlessly guided us towards the beach, with a picturesque route beneath the viaduct arches supporting the main Amalfi Coast Road. As we passed through, the small beach of Atrani unveils itself, celebrated for its charming expanse of soft sand, gently curving around the quaint bay and encircled by the town and cliffs.

The Tyrrhenian Sea, crystal clear and invitingly clean, painted an idyllic setting along the Amalfi Coast. Contrary to bustling beaches, this seaside haven never seemed overcrowded. True to the Italian beach experience, beach clubs awaited with sunbeds and parasols available for hire.

Watching the waves dribbling onto the sand carelessly, being astounded by the coastal scenery of Atrani, we appreciated this little piece of heaven and the silence after our lunch.

the small beach of Atrani;Atrani hiking trail
The narrow street meets the Via San Sebastiano, which extends to Via Torricella.

Walk back to Amalfi

The journey down Atrani’s main street, Via dei Dogi, started from the beach. Ascending from the beach level, we meandered through the charming, narrow lanes once again, choosing a different route this time. This path led us leftward, bringing us to the intersection of Via Papa Giovanni XXIII and Via Giacomo Matteotti.

Followed the Via Giacomo Matteotti, we continued strolling towards Amalfi direction. But soon, we lost our orientation. After several attempts, we met the Via Pei Monti. The narrow street meets the Via San Sebastiano, which extends to Via Torricella.

Continuing our walk along Via Giacomo Matteotti, heading in the direction of Amalfi, we found ourselves momentarily disoriented. Despite a few attempts to regain our bearings, we eventually found Via Pei Monti. This narrow street crossed with Via San Sebastiano, and then it continued into Via Torricella.

Progressing along Via Don Guglielmo for a few minutes, we were back to the unofficial viewpoint once more. To our surprise, several other tourists had also uncovered this hidden gem. Taking advantage of the stop, we seized the opportunity to capture several photographs under more favorable lighting conditions.

Soon we retraced our steps to the elevator. Positioned on the right side of the elevator, a sign pointed towards the direction of Amalfi. Choosing a relaxed walk downhill instead of using the elevator, the descent to Amalfi proved somewhat easier. At ground level, a mere few minutes’ walk led us back to the parking area.

Travel tips

Where to stay

The village offers a variety of hotels, and during the main holiday seasons, prices are reasonable compared to those in Amalfi. For a better deal, consider booking in advance if possible.

How to get there

  • Consider joining the 2-hour private walking tour that uncovers the charms of both Amalfi and Atrani.
  • If you’re coming from Positano, Minori, or Salerno, the local ferry provides a scenic journey to Amalfi, where you can leisurely stroll to Atrani. Keep in mind that the ferry may not operate during certain months.
  • Alternatively, the SITA Bus offers frequent rides along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, with convenient stops in Atrani.
  • For those who prefer the freedom of driving, follow the picturesque coastal road SS163 to reach Atrani. Parking is available at the Luna Rossa parking house.


  1. I actually have heard of Atrani and booked clients to stay in this town a few years ago. Although I’ve not been personally, I know my clients enjoyed it. And the walk looks lovely! What views!!

  2. Oooh it looks like you found the perfect place to stay to hike around the area. I have not done many urban hikes, but I love that when you stop you can grab some gourmet food. What a perfect holiday idea.

    p.s. That Nougat ice-cream looks fantastique!!

  3. My mom and her friend are planning a trip to hike the Amalfi Coast, I’m going to show them this – thanks! This isn’t one of the towns on the Cinque Terre?

    1. Hi Claire,

      Atrani is on the Amalfi Coast and south of Rome. Cinque Terre is further north of Rome not far from Florence. I have spent several days there as well and have several posts about that. Beautiful!

      Wish your mother have a wonderful trip there!



  4. Atrani definitely looks like a hidden gem, such a cozy little town! Thanks for showing us this amazing village

  5. Love the recommendation of something different to do in Italy, very refreshing. It truly is a beautiful country and in my opinion, even more so in the undiscovered parts 🙂

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