Nocelle: A Mountain Village with Views Truly Out of This World

Nocelle, a quaint and still somewhat secluded mountain hamlet, perches at an elevation of approximately 443 meters above Positano. Holding the title of the highest and oldest village in Positano, Nocelle is renowned not only for the towering Lattari mountain but also as the starting and ending point of the breathtaking Path of the Gods trail, which winds its way between Bomerano and Nocelle.

Beyond its hiking trails, this petite mountain village offers unparalleled views of the coastline. Drawn by the appeal of undiscovered treasures, far from the tourist hustle and bustle, our family couldn’t resist including Nocelle as a must-visit destination in our Amalfi Coast adventure.

I leaned against the railing. Before me, it was the spectacular coastal view of the endless ocean.

Driving up to Nocelle from Positano

Navigating the road to Nocelle from Positano was challengeable. The narrow path with its sharp curves became somewhat of a nightmare, especially in areas undergoing repair work. Following Via Monsignor Vito Talamo from Positano, and passing by the quaint mountain village of Montepertuso, we continued our ascent until we reached the modest parking lot in Nocelle. Surprisingly, the parking lot wasn’t at full capacity.

Start the Nocelle round walk

Start at the parking area

Beginning our exploration from the parking area, we took a moment to get our bearings. The large map highlighted numerous hiking trails, notably the Path of the Gods, crisscrossing the Nocelle vicinity. Two sizeable information boards provided details about local hotels. A clear sign marked “Croce di Nocelle” on the wall pointed towards the village centre. Ascending a few stone steps up the hill, we turned left and proceeded along Via Cercola.

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Passing the Bus stop

Before long, we arrived at a petite level space with an information board highlighting the bus stop and guiding us towards various hotels. The board also pointed towards the renowned hiking trail, the Path of the Gods. This spot marked the commencement of breathtaking panoramic views of the Amalfi Coast. As the morning mist gracefully lifted, revealing the sea below, white clouds gently rolled in from the Lattari mountain region. The winding Amalfi Coast unfolded came into sight. Resting below the mountain, Positano revealed itself on the coastal panorama.

A small square where an information board shows the bus stop and the directions to several hotels.

Stony ways to all directions

Many rustic stone pathways extended in various directions. Following the same road, we strolled towards the village center and the coastal direction. Along the way, terraced hillsides featured vineyards, while bursts of colorful wildflowers and tall grass added vibrancy. This secluded part of the village had only a handful of houses, creating an atmosphere of serenity.

We leisurely explored the cobblestone paths, fully immersing ourselves in theheavenly beauty of this remote mountain village. The street, Via Cercola, continued until it ended in the village center. There, we discovered the Rifugio Dei Mele restaurant (Via Cercole 1, Nocelle Positano 84017). Feeling both thirsty and fatigued, we eagerly stepped in for a well-deserved break.

Looking around, many rustic stone ways lead to all directions.
The street near the restaurant Rifugio Dei Mele

The restaurant Rifugio Dei Mele with spectacular views

The restaurant had a new and modern ambiance. While the drinks were reasonably priced, the food leaned towards the expensive side. Since it wasn’t yet dinner time, we onlz ordered a few drinks. To our surprise, the restaurant had spectacular views overlooking the Amalfi Coast.

The terrace outside had with large parasols providing partial coverage. Some elegantly dressed patrons were still enjoying their late lunch. The coastal side of the terrace featured white cast-iron railings with simple yet charming architectural details.

Leaning against the white railings, I gazed upon the breathtaking coastal panorama, stretching endlessly into the ocean. The sky was clear, and I relished the refreshing ocean air. The panoramic terrace truly offered a fabulous ocean view.

Situated at the edge of the terrace, the white open-air bar created the illusion of merging into the ocean and sky with no discernible boundary. Could it be aptly called an infinity bar?

The position of the restaurant Rifugio Dei Mele gave us the impression that it merged into the ocean and sky with no boundary. Could I call it an infinity bar?
The restaurant Rifugio Dei Mele looked quite new and has a modern ambient.

Complete the round walk

The village centre

Situated in the village centre, the restaurant buzzed with occasional sightings of locals passing by. Nearby, you’ll find more charming restaurants and bars, along with several hotels like Casa Cuccaro and Villa La Quercia. One particularly attractive find was the Villa Degli Dei Luxury House, including three floors, five rooms, a kitchen, an infinity swimming pool, and a commanding landscape!

A solitary mini-market

Navigating the Via Capella and strolling through the town’s main hub, we spot a mini-market. It’s small, resembling someone’s garden shed, and offers basic daily necessities. Close by, a sign points the way to the village of Montepertuso, but we decided to head back to the parking lot instead.

End of the round walk

The elevated mountain village has unbelievable scenery. It’s a tranquil haven that we hope stays this way. Nocelle, as part of Positano, is truly a world apart.

a leisurely stroll through the main part of the town
The Path of the Gods, Nocelle, Positano
The path to the village Montepertuso from Nocelle, Positano

Travel tips

Where to stay

Nocelle has a handful of Bed & Breakfast accommodations, and most hotels in this quaint village offer stunning vistas of the Amalfi Coast. The views from some places there are truly out of this world! Among the discoveries, the most captivating is Villa Degli Dei Luxury House, a three-floor haven with five rooms, a kitchen, an infinity swimming pool, and commanding landscapes.

Maison Rosa, an apartment with air-conditioned comforts, private pool, and a balcony offering pool views, is a very good option. Surrounding restaurants also provide magical views to complement the overall enchantment of Nocelle.

The most attractive villa we have discovered is a Villa Degli Dei Luxury House, which has 3 floors, 5 rooms, 1 kitchen, an infinity swimming pool, and a dominant landscape!
Villa Degli Dei Luxury House

How to get there

Mobility Amalfi Coast Bus sets off for Nocelle from the centre of Positano every hour. However, due to traffic and various factors, the bus schedule doesn’t guarantee an exact arrival time; it simply provides a window for when the bus is expected.

Another option is to tackle the substantial 1,500-step staircase, commencing from the village of Arienzo, approximately one kilometer away from Positano, and ascend your way up to Nocelle.

For those seeking a more adventurous journey, consider hike from Bomerano (Agerola) to Nocelle by joining a group tour based in Ravello.


  1. I live in France now but I was born and raised on the Amalfi Coast. Your story took me back in time when I use to take long walks in those areas. Thanks for this 😉

  2. I stayed in Nocelle 2 years ago, at a marvelous B+B hosted by Beatrice. I wish I could remember the name. I climbed about 300 steps from the bus area parking lot with the signs.

  3. My wife and I traveled here from Rome,Italy summer of 2017. We had the most amazing time in Nocelle, we stayed in an Airbnb apartment. We walked the path of stairs all the way down to Positano and mingled with the locals. This town really is heaven on earth. The restaurant staff were amazing and the food was great. We want to return when all this craziness is over!!

    1. Hi Kyle,

      Thanks for reading! What you did, the path of stairs all the way down to Positano, was exactly the part we have missed. We didn’t have time to do that. We didn’t think about this place being so amazing. We are also thinking of seeing the place again. Hope the situation gets better soon.

  4. I only spent a short time in the Amalfi coast and really wished I spent at least a week here and not do a day trip drive around the peninsula. I never heard of Nocelle but now I want to see it. The views of the Mediterranean looks totally amazing with the rugged coastline. I would defo want to have a meal on a nice summer sunny day at Rifugio Dei Mele, I would love to eat and just have this simple but perfect view in front of me.

  5. Wow, this was full of surprises. I never considered this area, but it honestly sounds like the perfect place for me and my family. It’s so beautiful

  6. I have been on the Amalfi Coast twice and every time I missed hiking the Path of Gods from Nocelle. Your photos are spectacular!

  7. The view there is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve never heard of Nocelle Mountain Village before, but I definitely plan on taking a trip there to experience this beautiful place.

  8. Its sooo sunny and bright! I want to visit the place. I also like how rustic the feel of the photos are.

  9. First time to hear about this place and I can really say that there’s a lot of beautiful sites and attractions that you can visit in Nocelle and I wish to be there someday!

  10. OMFG this place cannot be real. NOPE. It’s totally photoshopped, ha! But seriously, if I ventured here (and I have been to a place similar before) I would NOT be able to stop taking pictures!!!

  11. Okay, so I think I like the look of this even more than the Amalfi coast! I LOVE heading up into the mountains, especially if there are some hiking trails, gorgeous views and tasty food!! The path of the Gods sounds pretty epic too!!

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