I Parigi Corbinelli Residenze, a Wonderful Tuscany Hotel

The Tuscany hotel I Parigi Corbinelli Residenze is located in a small town not far from Florence. Compared to the hotels in Florence, it is not so expensive. Since it is difficult to park cars in Florence, the hotel also offers spacious parking spaces for free. Besides, it is just a short bus drive to the centre of Florence.

As the first stop of our summer trip to Tuscany was Florence, we would like to have an overnight stay in Florence. However, we could not find any affordable hotels during the time. Then, we extended the search area and found this one on Booking.com. The overnight stay wasn’t cheap, but still acceptable.

We liked this hotel because it has:

  • the convenient location of the hotel
  • a friendly hotel owner
  • a relaxed Tuscan atmosphere of I Parigi Corbinelli Residenze
  • spacious family rooms
  • a hearty international breakfast with Tuscan specialties
The Entrance of I Parigi Corbinelli Residenze, Tuscany
a swimming pool is in the surrounding nature, olive trees, and lavender bushes, a Mediterranean flair
medieval tower on the crest of the hill offers breathtaking views

The convenient location of the hotel

Close to the Florence Airport

The hotel is not far from Florence Airport, around 20 kilometres away. The road that leads to the hotel is very narrow. Sometimes it only allows one car to pass through. But the rustic farmhouses walled in bright yellowish stones along the road diverted our attention.

After a few minutes of driving up the hill, all of a sudden, I Parigi Corbinelli, surrounded by the pleasant Tuscany hills, appeared in front of us. The path to the hotel front door was so idyllic for taking pictures. It is a complex of buildings, the oldest of which dates back to the 14th century. Its medieval tower on the crest of the hill offers breathtaking views.

Public transportation connection to Florence

Later, the hotel owner informed us of a free public parking place in Galluzzo, a village about two kilometres from the hotel. And from there, we took public transportation to Florence. A family day ticket for the three of us was 6 Euro. The ticket was also valid in Florence. The hotel owner offered the ticket-selling service, so we bought our family ticket direct from him. Therefore, it is very convenient to visit Florence.

Tuscany countryside view on the way to the hotel
Shady walkyway around the hotel I Parigi Corbinelli Residenze

A friendly hotel owner

We spotted that the owner of this hotel was already waiting for us. He was a middle-aged man wearing a pair of glasses. The owner was very informative and surprised us by speaking fluent English. We felt somewhat released as none of us speaks Italian.

He registered our passports and gave us the room keys. But it took a very long time for him to complete the check-in process. We were in a hurry all the way and had to catch up on our plane and then pick up our car on time. Afterward, we had to be in this hotel before a pre-arranged time. Compared to us, the owner behaved in slow motion. His motion reminded us that we were on holiday, and there was no need to be hustling and bustling. But yes, he’s right. We should switch to holiday mode and enjoy the Tuscany sunshine.

A relax Tuscan atmosphere of I Parigi Corbinelli Residenze

The inner courtyard has several sitting corners. Opposite the reception is the library with large windows. And behind the hotel’s main building, a swimming pool is in the surrounding nature, olive trees, and lavender bushes, a Mediterranean flair.

There is also a sitting place near the swimming pool, which offers an ideal place for relaxation. The swimming pool has such a great location to appreciate the magnificent view over the Tuscany hills.

The library of I Parigi Corbinelli Residenze, Tuscany
The main sleeping room from I Parigi Corbinelli Residenze, Tuscany

Spacious family rooms

When we entered our room, we were surprised again. Our family rooms were very spacious, with a big balcony, a large master room, and a child room.

The kid room was formerly a kitchen and eating room. It has a complete set of cooking facilities hidden inside a wardrobe. The bathroom is light and clean. It was a very comfortable family room.

A hearty international breakfast buffet with Tuscan specialties

It is worth mentioning the breakfast buffet. The breakfast offers some typical Italian food such as Parma cured ham, self-made Tuscany cakes, fresh-squeezed orange juices, fresh baked local bread, and fresh fruit. The breakfast room is open to a flourishing garden with a very tranquil sitting area.

Sitting corner next to the Breakfast room
Breakfast room of I Parigi Corbinelli Residenze

Where to book I Parigi Corbinelli Residenze

Compared to other properties in Florence, I Parigi Corbinelli Residenze offers a much better value. It is suitable for both solo travelers as well as families with kids.

Convenient location, convenient service, lavish breakfast, friendly hotel rooms, and a relaxed Tuscan atmosphere make this Tuscany hotel an ideal place to stay when visiting Florence.

Are you ready for a trip to Tuscany? Then check this hotel at www.booking.com.


  1. What a beautiful hotel! I love the outside eating area and the fact that it’s so close to Florence but you get a tranquil space to relax in.

  2. This photos are really wonderful I loved the looks of what I see, the flourishing gardens look relaxing and filled with comfort I for one could use there for a nice moment of recollection,the swimming pool and the library also do look amazing.

  3. This place is so beautiful! Just seeing the top photo of the hotel on the lake made me want to go there right now. It struck me how different this mountain lake looks from most of the photos I’ve seen of Tuscany. But then came the other photos of the lovely building, the nature around the area. Wonderful that this oasis is within reach of Florence. If I ever get to Tuscany, I’d love to stay there!
    xx Luci

  4. The hotel would make a perfect getaway spot in order to get away from the city buzz. The whole place is so beautiful and I love the landscaping going on. Was definitely a great experience!

  5. This looks like a dream place in Tuscany. I love that you’re in a traditional Tuscan house surrounded by beautiful vineyards and rolling hills!! That pool had to be a welcome bonus as well! Gorgeous! Thanks for the great share.

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