Tuscany, a 9-Day Itinerary for the Summer Visiting

Tuscany is always so popular as the summer destinations in Italy. It is one of the most beautiful areas in Italy because of many hilltop towns such as San Gimignano, cypress-lined trees, wineries, and arts. There is enough sunshine throughout a year and beautiful sandy beaches along the Italian coast.

View of Tuscany hills from the swimming pool of I Parigi Corbinelli Residenze
View of Tuscany hills from the swimming pool of I Parigi Corbinelli Residenze

Our original list included more destinations than we actually traveled. Some places are not far from each other but due to speed limits and road conditions, the driving time could take longer than estimated. This was proved later when we were on the road. We frequently ended in traffic jams. We had to narrow down our list several times to make sure that we are not too stressful of driving. Having finalized our trip itinerary,  we decided to fly over there and rent a car locally, instead of driving to Tuscany.

We checked many posts from other bloggers and gained a handful of information. The reference book we used is Lonely Planet Italy. In this post, I will share my itinerary with you so you could also follow on your next trip to Tuscany and ensure you check out the best places in Italy.

How to get to Tuscany

We took Lufthansa on Friday to Florence. The Florence Airport is small but very busy.  Many airlines fly there. Alternatively, you can fly to Pisa. Compared to Florence Airport, the Pisa Airport is much bigger.

Where to stay in Tuscany

We booked our trip too late and most reasonable hotels in Florence were booked out. Located 20 kilometres away from Florence Airport, the hotel I Parigi Corbinelli Residenze was the only choice we could afford. However, this hotel turned out to be the best choice and it has the best value for the money we paid.

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The Entrance of I Parigi Corbinelli Residenze, Tuscany #tuscanyhotel
The Entrance of I Parigi Corbinelli Residenze, Tuscany

The other 8 days we stayed in a family hotel in an Etruscan village on top of a hill. The best thing we did in this village was to have dinners in a famous local restaurant La Tre Terrazze.

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Itinerary for Tuscany trip

Day 1 – Florence

After checked in the hotel, the owner of the hotel told us how to get to Florence quickly without driving our car. It was a good suggestion from him that we bought a family bus ticket for our purpose. We spent some good time in Florence and had a late dinner near the main square.

Bridge in Florence, Tuscany
Bridge in Florence, Tuscany

Day 2 – Pisa, Monteggiori & Pietrasanta

On the way to our next hotel, we admired the Pisa tower. After checked in the family hotel in the hilltop village Monteggiori, we took a walk in this remote village. The famous local restaurant La Tre Terrazze was fully booked out. We went to Pietrasanta, a Ligurian coastal town for our dinner. This coastal town was surprisingly beautiful that we could not stop taking pictures until it was dark.

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Day 3 – Beach & Lucca

My husband and my son could not wait to swim in the sea. We rushed into an Italian beach club and found out that it was one of the most luxurious clubs in the area.  So we stayed until 12:00 and then headed to the walled city of Lucca.

Day 4 – Beach day

This was a day dedicated to the beach. We went to another Italian beach club at Marina di Pietrasanta and booked a complete set of beach facility for 6 hours. That was a really good experience because the price was reasonable,  the place was very clean, and the beach was beautifully arranged. The Italian food offered from the lunch menu was super delicious at very reasonable prices.

Deck chairs and Deck chairs and massage bed from Eva beach club
Deck chairs and massage bed from Eva beach club

Day 5 – Marble Route near Carrara & Colonnata

Having relaxed ourselves a day at the beach we went on our journey again. If you have seen the movie “007 Quantum of Solace” you might know the famous Marble Route near Carrara, where most memorable scenes were shot. Along the Carrara’s Marble Route we stopped at a small village called Colonnata, where most marble diggers live.

Day 6 – Siena

Siena is the heart of Tuscany.  Because it is far in the south of Tuscany and also quite far from our hotel in Monteggiori,  we planned a whole day for the visit.

Day 7 – Monteiggioni & Castellina in Chianti

One of the things I learned in Italy on many trips is the beauty of those pretty small hilltop towns. Monteriggioni is one of them. In the morning we went to this hilltop town. On the way back we did not drive via highway but followed the Chianti Road instead. Along the road, we stopped at Castellina in Chianti,  a hidden gem in the Chianti Region.

Day 8 – San Gimignano

We added another hilltop town San Gimignano in Tuscany to our itinerary. There are many towers within this town.  So we spent nearly the whole day there, climbing the tower, visiting local shops selling all kind of local products, tasting the Italian food and of course the Italian ice cream.

Day 9 – Serravalle Pistoiese

On the way to Florence Airport, we spotted another hilltop village Serravalle Pistoiese. it was not on our list but we take the opportunity to have a break there. It was a nice stopover before the end of our Tuscany trip. 

Arched walkway in Serravalle, Tuscany
Arched walkway in Serravalle, Tuscany

Our Tips

We are glad to see so many places in such a short time. But in some places, we would like to stay longer, for example in Florence.  There are other things we would like to do, for example, Chianti Wine Tasting. Unfortunately, the Wine Tasting requires an overnight stay in Chianti Wineries.

We spent quite some time on the road and arranged things on site. To save driving time we drove on the high way as long as it is possible. This left out many countryside views. It also added extra costs to our budget because these are toll roads. In some tourist areas, the parking fee is also expensive. In general, if you want to see more things in limited time while keeping your budget low, I would recommend booking a tour ahead.  Below are some tours which offer opportunities to explore Tuscan life and culture. I have also written a post about some most popular tours in the area.

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  1. I loved Florence! Its the best place to shop for leather. I bought and then carried across europe a thigh length leather jacket in Florence, its still one of my favourite items!

  2. Ahh San Gimignano was my favorite place of Tuscany when I went! You really did cover a lot of ground for 9 days. The Marble Route looks really beautiful! I can’t wait to return and do more wine tasting without worrying about driving. Thanks for sharing this lovely post!

    1. Hi Madi,

      Thanks! I love Tuscany and Italy very much. I can never get enough of seeing it. I will come back next year again and maybe see the sunflower field.

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